I wanted to share with you my Christmas wishlist. Each year, I have always different kind of things on my wishlist. And for particularly reasons! It’s complicated for me! Because I have my birthday on 20th December! But! I have finally managed to separate and find what I want for my birthday and what I want for Christmas. Ok! This year for my birthday, I just want some SKI and side to this, I’m paying myself a big project that I dream since a lot of time. Now, I share my Christmas Wishlist! My wishlist could not to be with material things but just with one wish: stop to be an anxious person. Right! That’s my biggest wish! But I don’t know if it’s really a Christmas wish possible and easy accessible. Instead of, my Christmas wishlist with material stuffs! A little look on!

ONE – DS2XL + 2 games // TWO – Dolce & Gabbana, The Only One // THREE – 1000 Pieces Colors puzzle // FOUR – Scooter // FIVE – Cashmere Pull Over // SIX – Faur Fur eye mask // SEVEN – UGG Bows Boots.


When I was about 13 years old, I had a DSI, a few years later, I had my first iPad at Christmas and I gave the DSI to my sister because she wanted. When I got my first iPad, I was so excited to play games on my new iPad that I did not want play with a game console anymore. Six years later, I find that play on iPad is not the same thing really and play on my DSI I miss it. Around my 13 years old, it’s at this time that my mental disorders were out and play with my DSI, it was the only joy that I found at this time there. So, today, I want to play on a console again. It’s better than on an iPad. My opinion! And I want thinking and refind the good times that I had during my depression, six years ago. With two, three of my favorites games.

When I was on my second solo trip in October, at the airport for my flight back home. In the perfume hall, a lady gives me some tester and I fell in love with The Only One from Dolce & Gabbana. I never had again really a perfume. This one, I loved it and it is on my wishlist.

If you read me since awhile you know that I have a puzzle obsession. A day, I found this colors puzzle on Amazon. And I loved! That looks like with a new and different difficulty for build this puzzle. This puzzle sounds so cool and like a challenge! During the summer and fall seasons, I found the love to ride my bike in the forest. I love to walk, more than biking. I would like a scooter for riding on and walk. In more, with the new house project, I could change of universe and the new place, a scooter could to be easier than a bike. Sweat, a cashmere pullover is on my wishlist. The softness! Right! I have often my eyes tired, I would like an eye mask to try if rest my eyes with could help me. The faux fur is a request because I’m obsessed with all the cozy things in the world. The last thing on my list is a new and second pair of UGG boots. I have the classic short since four years ago. I love them so much! They look good! And keep me always warm on cold days! But I love these with the bows on the back so grab this second pair. I could love!


Ok! It’s my Christmas wishlist! Right! If you search any ideas what to offer at Christmas for a people with anxiety or currently in a depression. Will see my Christmas gifts guide here. A plenty of ideas to offer or even for yourself! What is on your Christmas wishlist? I would love to hear what you would like for Christmas!



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