Moving Update

First times of life in a new house!

Right! We moved on friday 8, February, I can’t believe that it’s almost two weeks that I live in the house where a few years ago and again only months ago she gaves me all the fears. In some rooms, she gives me again many fears, principally where the electrics, boiler and big water pipes like in the garage. But! I realized that in every house these things anxious me.

I left the house where I lived all my life and I can’t believe I did it. I don’t know if I do not realize again or it was so easy. I do not feel me bad to have let all the things, house, neighborhood, streets that I grew up with. Now, I have new streets, new faces. Seriously! I can’t wait to go explore these new places in my new city. There are different things, new, biggest stuff in this city, some others are not like my old city and I will get used. I’m so excited to explore! I did not have the time again because we are always in the moving. We have again stuff in the rental house and we are supposed return the key at the end of February.

One thing that the moving learned me, it’s really good do not to have a lot of stuff. My parents have so much stuff, so much, I tried since a few years to help them to declutter but they do not have the mind for and now they understand that’s would have been good. It’s comforting me in my minimalist lifestyle. When you have the minimum of things it’s easier to move. My bedroom is the only room who is clear and tidy despite that I planned to change some furniture and reorganize all my bedroom differently. In this way, I have not a lot of things but I decluttered again more my bedroom and I want again. Since a long time I’m minimalist now and loved to take off a lot of things but before and during the moving, I watched Marie Kondo on Netflix, I was already organized but when I watched it I learned one thing who missed me when I tidy. Keep only things who give me joy! Generally, I have only things that I love but I kept a few things that I thought to love but after watching Marie Kondo, I observed that it was not things who give me real joy.

The weekend when we moved there was a storm with very big winds on all the France, it was a little scary in the new house. These last days, the weather was gorgeous and looks like in Spring. Talk now! A thing who anxious me, it’s my cat, we took her in leash outside for that she can discover quitely his new environment. We have a closed patio in the new house also that she loves. In the next days, we could let her go out without the leash and it’s anxious me seriously. I have fear that she runs by fear and do not find are way back. So hard! The new house is so harder to access with portals than the old house, I was anxious that the delivery guys did not find correctly and my packages do not arrive. Right! I had three packages arrived without problems. I feel less anxious about this now.

Sandwiches and noddles are my favorites food with this moving. So easy and fast to do! Days around Valentine’s day I ate hearts Nutella waffles.

I kept the furniture from my old bedroom but I want to change many things. I already bought a new big world map for above my bed. I dreamed it since a long time. I bought a new photos frames, window blind,… I ordered some other stuff but not again received and some others, I do not find what I want exactly. My biggest project is to change my wardrobe. I love to work on the little decor, I love this, take time to find what I want. I love to search and find these stuff who could help me to feel me better and cozy in my bedroom. I feel happy to work on all the details. What it is a big moving update! xo




    • It’s nice! I wanted one also for keeping my dream to travel alive and don’t forget it during the difficult times.

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