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I never really talk and answered some questions about my mental health. I’m back of my last week ski trip and before sharing the recaps and download all photos, I wanted to share more about my mental health situation. For my new followers too. A day during I searched new bloggers about mental health, I discovered the mental health tag. I loved the idea and questions. Well.

What is your mental health issue?

Borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, lack of autonomy, social phobia.

Do you have medication and/or therapy?

I took Lamictal 25mg on mornings since 3 years. I saw a psychiatrist since about 9 years.

What therapy/medication have you tried and have any worked for you?

The Lamictal helps to manage my moods in my borderline personality disorder. My general therapy helps me year after year to manage a little better my everyday life. And understand a lot about me.

How long have you had problems for?

It started in the middle school around my 10 years old with social phobia. And my anxiety, depression because of the school bullying has followed. In July 2015 when I was an adult I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder too.

Do your family/friends know?

My family knows (I live again with my parents). The friends that I have (not a lot because of my social phobia) know.

Does this affect your work and daily living?

Oh! Yeah! Of course! My anxiety gives me obsessional thoughts who affect my daily life.

My borderline personality disorders affect the fact that I can’t always manage my mood like I would like. And I do not have a lot of confidence in other peoples. It’s hard for social life.

Some days, when I’m in a depression lows I can to want nothing to do. I live slowly! I’m not able to do things even if I would like to do them.

What makes you feel calm?

Snuggles with my cozy blankets, watching a funny tv show, breath, editing videos, look at my Disneyland Paris photos.

I have a new recently thing: booking my future solo trips.

What do you do in crisis?

Wrap me in my cozy blanket (literally), watch tv shows, take breaths, drawing, calligraphy, look on the photos of my few past trips. Thinking about what I did and successful despite my anxiety and mental disorders.

What advice would you give to others suffering?

Don’t stay alone in your suffering and don’t think it’s your fault.

What makes you smile?

Skiing, Mickey Mouse and Minnie kisses, funny tv shows/movies, my cat wants cuddles, when I fight anxiety.

Describe your mental health issue in five words?

Invade, confused, strong, powerful, curiosity.


It’s a little about me and my mental health. I’m always searching for new bloggers about mental health & lifestyle to follow, if you have any suggestions please let me know it in the comments.




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