Medication Update

Three weeks ago, I started a new medication treatment. I talked about in a post here. I thinking that it was time to do an update post after these three weeks because in the first time the treatment should be only three weeks. In the mid-September, I decided to try a medication for my obsessional thoughts that I have since so much months. My psychiatrist talked to me since few months to try a new medication. But! I did not want in cause of my fear to take weight. Indeed, the last time (few years ago) that I took this medication, I took a lot of weights. But! In September, I had so much anxiety crisis in cause of my obsessional thoughts and my psychiatrist purposes me a deal that I have accepted to try this new medication. So! I started to take Sertraline 25mg on mornings.

The goal of this medication was of calm and try to do disappear my obsessional thoughts and give me back energy because in cause of my obsessional thoughts, I have less of energy.

At this time and with these last three weeks, I don’t know what thinking about this treatment. There have been a lot of up and down weeks. After about 6 days, I had less of obsessional thoughts, I thoughts that maybe it can help me. The second week, my obsessional thoughts were again here and HIGH. It was a really exhausting week. And this past week, I had again a lot of obsessional thoughts… a little less than the second week but always again. And! I did not manage to down so low like after the firsts six days where I had the impression that the medication helps me. Today, I’m always so exhausted three weeks after. I don’t know what think!?

I should have stopped in the beginning of this week my treatment. Because of the three weeks deal treatment with my psychiatrist. Friday, I saw my psychiatrist and we decided to continue the treatment until after my solo trip this week. My next appointment is on Monday. But, I don’t know, I want maybe try again the medication until the end of October. At this moment, I can’t tell that it helped me really. I think maybe… because I have always a lot of obsessional thoughts but my thoughts are with less of details. I told me maybe, it is necessary of increase the dosage but I have always my fear to take weight. I can’t tell truly if I took weight during these three weeks already because I could not to weigh me. I’m in my cycle period where my weight is not the true. So! I’m not to weigh. I want to be true with myself!


That’s the deal of this update.

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    • Thanks you for the hope! I already took Sertraline also, but it was not more the same thing. Before it was for depression and now more for obsessional thoughts.

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