May Top Five

Welcome back on my monthly series “Top Five” In this series, I share each month, my absolute top five during the month. I think that is pretty precious! It’s always a good reflection because despite some hard days it helps me to keep in mind that there is some good too. Today, I’m sharing my May favorites.


1- Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Holder.

I talked a little in a recent post, I thought to buy myself an annual pass holder for Disneyland Paris. I have finally done it! After many thoughts and look if it’s worth it because it’s not cheap! I’m so happy to tell that I have done it! I got my pass holder about two weeks ago in my mailbox. He’s so beautiful! So beautiful! I can’t wait to go buy a special pocket for him during my next day trip.

2- Mickey T-Shirts. 

This summer season I had the need to take off of my wardrobe some old t-shirts and switch to some news. I recently already bought me a Mickey t-shirt, and if I’m a minimalist person and I do not love to buy many clothes, I took advantage that I had the need to get rid of old t-shirts and for my news, I searched to buy me one or two Mickey t-shirts again. I love Mickey but do not love the t-shirts with big Mickey’s ears on,  I’m looked on minimalist to could wear these t-shirts every day and not only when I’m at Disneyland. Right! I found them on Uniqlo. I love them!

3- Strawberry banana smoothie bowl. 

I worked hard on my fruits challenge goals in May. It was a success! I ate many fruits and tested some very news also. This month, I tried also to eat smoothie bowls. I love them! I tried at least 6 different flavors and fruits and my favorite is strawberry banana. Love the taste! Now, I want to eat only fruits during the summer. Well! I just maybe need to improve my smoothies topping. Right!

4- Summer Bucket list. 

I shared my summer bucket list yesterday if you missed my post check out it here. I’m so excited about the summer bucket list.  During the summer season, I’m in mind to spend more time outside on sunny days but also to do a few activities and trying some news. I’m happy to have Disneyland on my summer bucket list this year, last year I dreamed about it! I have my favorite summer things and some news on the list.

5- Grown Ups 2 movie. 

I watched on Prime Video Grown Ups last summer, I absolutely loved this movie! I wanted to watch Grown Ups 2 but when I wanted he was unavailable on Prime Video so I couldn’t watch it. But! The other day when I looked to watching movies on Prime Video I saw he was available again so I watched it the other night. And I absolutely loved too like the movie one. I do not love a lot of movies but Grown Ups 1 & 2 movies are really fun and I find in the particular match of the summer season.


Well! These are my May top five! What things are your top favorites on the list in May? xoxo.



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