May Goals 2019

It’s time to write my goals for May. April was really hard in daily life. But the highlight is my solo trip at Paris. I have a special challenge goal for May. A little recap of April goals before these of May.

In April I wanted…

Paris solo trip. I have done it and I had a good time. If you missed my recaps part 1 & part 2.

Explore around the house. I’m a little disappointed by myself because I wanted to do it but I haven’t managed. I already had this goal in March and I always not be able to take a walk in my new neighborhood since February. I was often exhausted and I spent many times in my bed, I was not able to stroll around my new city.

Use more my DSLR part 2. I’m happy! I use so much more my DSLR. I took it with me during my trip at Paris. And I’m happy to use it more.

Definite Summer wardrobe capsule. Well! I defined it! I searched and find rather what I need and want. I already buy a few items. I have now some new flipflops from TOMS. And this month, I need to complete the missing items.

Try a new smoothie flavor. Yep! I tried a few new flavors but I have loved any of what I have tested. Right!

Easter fun. The Easter weekend was not the best but I have done a few Easter stuff that I wanted.

May Goals.

Buy Disneyland Paris annual pass holder. I have decided it! After many weeks to thought if it’s worth it to buy me an annual pass holder. I think, yes! Check out my reasons in my yesterday’s post.

Spend time outside regularly. In the backyard with the sun, to walk,… I have some hard times to be motivated to go outside these times, I maybe need more to go out and spend little time outside. Out of bed! Oh-no!

Fruits Food Challenge. Well! I have launched me a new challenge this month! A Food challenge. I have always some eating disorders. If the calories are not anymore a problem. I do not eat so much and often always the same food. And not a lot of fruits and vegetables. Right! I have some favorites non-fruits food and with a look on Pinterest, I find that I can easily add fruits in my favorites. Like add Banana in my Nutella Grilled Sandwich. My goal is not to eat anymore Nutella,… but add a fruit aside. My challenge is not to eat fruits every day but always bake a dessert or loaf with fruits rather than chocolate. Drink fruits smoothies. And just trying to add fruits in my snacks. Right! This is a big food challenge because I probably eat one fruit every ten days. This month I was motivated to do it with an assume hotter weather. #peanutrecoveryfruitschallenge

Work on little things – bedroom.  These last weeks between my solo trip and my tiredness, I haven’t worked in my new bedroom. I’m in since the beginning of February, I already worked on all the biggest and little things to feel me good and comfortable in this new bedroom. But I left beside a few things who was not necessarily important so I need to finish this little details about the decoration or the organization.


These are my goals for May! What are your goals? I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!




  1. For me, goals are: painting my kitchen ceiling, painting my mum’s bedroom.

    I have my birthday in May that my mum has planned. This day is not just for my birthday, but mum wanted to do it as thanks to me as well, as well as thanking other guests, at the time she was ill, when they were physically there supporting me in some way.

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