May Goals {2018}

It’s May Goals post.


In april I did not have a lot of goals because I had a of my biggest goal in my life so I wanted just concentrate on this one… FIRST EVER SOLO TRIP.

For may I have a lot of goals… in life category or food category.


Before may goals, review of my april goals.



1. First ever Solo Trip. I did it, let’s see the review of my trip HERE and HERE you can found what tips on a solo trip I learned with my first ever solo trip. It was amazing!!!

2. Embrace spring. Oh! yeah, I started to embrace spring.

3. Review of my ski practice and what goals for next year. I did a review of my ski practice 2018 and my goals for next season, I did a post about to found HERE.


Let’s see now my may goals with a list more full than april…



1. Spring PhotoShoot. I just need to photograph the spring season, I haven’t a lot of photography of spring season of previous years, this year I must change that.

2. Found good skin face Cream. I have eczema problem on my face also and when outside it’s hot the problem is bigger so with summer is coming I must found a face cream who can help me on this problem.

3. Found “The good” sunscreen. My sunscreen of last year was not good, I need with the summer that coming and the sun is here of found a good sunscreen for this year. I think that this year I will see in sunscreens from La Roche Posay, I have few La Roche Posay products that work good with my skin so I think try their suncreens this year.

4. Found 10 news Mental health Lifestyle Bloggers. I love read blogs, I love found inspirations/help in others blogs, I want this month found 10 new bloggers to follow… some Mental Health and Lifestyle blogs. If you are a Mental Health Lifestyle blogger or you have any suggestions of blogs to follow, please let’s me the link in the comments section.

5. Buy swimsuit. I have my swimsuit of last year again but it’s the only one that I have so I need to buy another swimsuit and this month again if not after it’s summer and I risk not to find in stock one that I love.

6. Summer Haul. I need swimsuit and few others summer things (clothes or not) that I have on my list to buy.



1. Choose 2 fruits to eat… AND EAT!!! I really, really need to eat fruits, I decided to choose two fruits (I do not know yet which ones) and eat them under any form, smoothies, desserts,… but I must concentrate me to eat fruits this month.

2. Bake 3 different cheesecake Flavors. With spring and summer coming I want eat a lot of cheesecake, bake cheesecake is not easy and asks a lot of patient, I want try to bake 3 different cheesecake flavors and if I want challenge myself some flavors that I never baked before.

3. S’Mores. Eat s’mores!

4. Drink 5 different milkshake Flavors. I love drink milkshakes and I want tested new different flavors this month.


These are my goals for may, my list is full of goals for this coming month and I love that.

What are your goals for may? You have a may goals post? If yes! Add and share the link of your post below at the end of this post by a click on the blue button like that I can see it.


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