March Top Five

Last month, I started a new monthly series where I share my monthly top five. In daily life, there are some tough days but there is a lot of good also! I try to including them every day. In this series, I will share each month, my absolute top five during the month. I think that’s cool! It’s always a good reflection because despite some hard days it shows me and helps me to keep in mind that there is some good too. Let’s show my top five of March!


1- Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios parks.

On Tuesday 13, March, I woke up at 4h00am to spend one day at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios park. It was an amazing day! It’s an of my favorite day in March! This day took me away from my routine with my anxiety and obsessional thoughts. I love this extra day at Disneyland Paris. Discover it in photos here and video here. My favorite parts about this day were taking photography, videos, strolling around the park and watching the shows. The music of the festival of pirates and princesses. The show in the Walt Disney Studios park “Mickey and the magician” was absolutely amazing! I love it so much! I’m grateful for this special day in Disneyland Paris. Adding some best memories!


2- Ski season 2019.

This ski season is wrapped, I skied the last time of the season on Sunday 17, March, even if I’m sad that the season is over, I feel content and happy of my second year of skiing. I had some anxiety on the slopes but I had a lot of fun also. And during my week ski trip in January, I have clearly developed to be in my happy place in the mountains at skiing. I love this feeling! It’s so good for my mental health! I’m proud of myself! I turn parallel, do some skidding turns, at the end of the season despite of my anxiety I even started to take blue runs. I’m excited to see how I will do next year and can’t wait to go on red runs.


3- Coco.

I’m obsessed with Disney since that I love to go at Disneyland Paris and I’m just in the mood to start a Disney movies challenge. I’m not watching a lot of movies these times. I never really watched Disney movies also. I want to discover some. The other night, I watched Coco! And I loved the movie! The pictures, design, I loved but also the story. I loved to see this kid reach for his dream to play music despite that her family have trouble with the music. A little guy inspiration!


4- Strawberry Blueberry Banana Smoothie.

I’m thoroughly in an of my 2019 goal “drink smoothies”. Since January, I drunk regularly smoothies, I try at least twice a week. The winter season has given me not the want to drink another that Banana smoothies that I love and I tried different versions with different kind of yogurts, add oats or not… I’m new in the smoothie world! The spring season had begun, the sun is out some days and I had the want to try another smoothie version. I tried Strawberry blueberry banana and I love it! Favorite!


5- Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets.

I finished to read two books this month. In the beginning, I wrapped Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets and there is a few days ago, I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. So, I decided to stop to ask me how I have done to read while a few months ago, I was completely in trouble and could not read any book. Between the both, the Chamber of Secrets was clearly my favorite. The story, characters, details let me more loving this one. I watched the movie also but I prefered to read the book. Right! I’m excited to read all the next books!


Well! These are my March top five! What things are on your top list in March? I would love to hear from you!



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