March Movies Review

Hi friends! All week I’m on a ski trip in the French Alps but I will blogging like even this week. Why blogging on vacation time? Just because I love so much blogging, that’s help me so much in my mental health. I LOVE BLOGGING. I enjoyed my first slopes this afternoon, you can follow me too on my trip and see some photos and videos on my instagram account at @mixborderlineandanorexic or with direct link HERE.


Today, it’s March Movies Review and I love that.


… And for march review it will be fast and short because on march I did not watched a lot of movies, JUST TWO! Yeah! I did not have of time for watching a lot of movies because I watched all time Law and Order. I watched two different movies but I have watched several times the same movies. Because it’s the month before, the two movies that I have watched this month are about Easter.


Let’s see the two movies that I have watched in march.


The Dog Who Saved EasterThis movie is my happy movie, I watched a lot of times last year around easter and the year before too. I love this movie. Last year, I promised myself of wait the follow year around easter for watching it again a lot, I can’t believe that this month it was the time of watching it again. I probably watching it 8-9 times and I enjoyed. I will watching it again until easter and maybe few days after and enjoyed. That’s a fun easter movie, I love it almost more that those of christmas movies. I’m a fan of 7th Heaven so found Beverly Mitchell and Catherine Hick together in the movie I loved! A favorite movie ever.


HopThis movie I discovered when I searched movies to watching on Netflix, I added it to my list and last week I watched for the first time and OMG it’s a so fun, good movie, a good easter movie for kids or adults. I love it!

One: before watching this movie I did not know that there is a easter island.

Two: I love this movie so much.

I will watching it again few times.


This was my march movies review, like you can see it, it’s not a expensive review. #lawandordermarathon

See you tomorrow for a Tuesday Opening.


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    • I advise you to watch the movie with the dog, this is a good movie anyway me I love it so much.

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