March Goals 2019

It’s time to write my goals for March. Aaww! February what big month with the moving! Follow my February goals was so weird and special. All month, I had no need to come back on to read them for remember, I had my goals in my head, it’s never happened! I have always need to read them many times in the month to look where I am. But not last month. All the time, my goals were in my head and I knew where I was. All done! A little recap of February goals before these of March.

In February I wanted…

Stay cozy in the moving. I have created me a box with five things that I declared can’t live without during the moving to help me to stay cozy. It’s working! It’s hard to stay cozy during a moving process but I managed to have my minimal cozy necessary. 

Wardrobe Spring Capsule. In the beginning of the year, I had a clothes problem because I grew up. The most part of my sweats/tops were too small at my hands, I do not love that because I love oversize tops if not I have cold. I had to buy new few winter tops and with the moving the idea was to decluttered the clothes where I will not feel me comfortable in and starting to plan/buy a spring wardrobe capsule. I think it’s rather done! I bought what I planned! In the next days, I will to starting summer capsule.

Finish my ski trip video. All so fun! Check out it here.

Find and grab the little decor for my new bedroom. I found all the decor that I planned in February.

Wrap up my first Harry Potter book. Oh! Yeah! I did it! I can’t believe it again! I started my second Harry Potter and finhsed it this weekend.

All the winter stuffs. My idea was not to forget my favorite season despite of the moving. Except that I was able to skiing twice in February, I think that I did all my favorites little winter stuff. I want skiing again but after I’m ready to let the winter season and to have sunny and hot days.

March Goals.

Disneyland Paris day. Mid-March, I have a day trip at Disneyland Paris to planned. I’m excited! When I was at Disneyland Paris for my birthday back in December, I had a want to come back. When I was a kid, I was never to Disneyland so today despite I’m an adult, I want to enjoy it. I feel reassured! I follow on Instagram many adult girl fans of Disneyland who go almost every day. I feel less guilty to want to go at Disneyland like an adult. I do not want to go to do some attractions but rather photograph Disneyland park particularly Main Street USA, Mickey and enjoying the Disneyland world.

Wrap up ski season. The almost spring weather on some days here does not permit at the snow to falling down and stay a long time. It’s not cold! This month could be wrapping this ski season, I hope to skiing a few times and I’m excited to do the review of my ski practice progress during this season.

Planning Paris trip details. I have my principal ideas of what I want to do during my few days trip at Paris in Avril but nothing is really ready. I need to write on papers my plans, to do some research about restaurants, things I want to do,… I’m excited!

Styling shelves. There is few days ago, I had my new shelves installed in my bedroom. This is a first time that I have some floating shelves before I had an IKEA Kallax bookcase, I’m ready for styling them, I waited for it since a long time. What a new project to decorations my new shelves!

Use more my DSLR. I have a Canon 200D that I use for special photoshoots only. But! When I took some photos of my new bedroom with my DSLR and I compared with my iPhone, these with the DSLR are clearly so much better. It’s so easy to take photos with an iPhone! I do not use a lot my DSLR because it’s bulky and heavy but I so much need more to use it. My first goal is to use it more at home already and I will finally choose if I took it with me during my Paris trip, because I’m undecided about. That’s could to be a first goal already.

Explore new around. I’m excited to start to explore around the new house! I thoughts with Spring who coming and if the weather permits me that it’s the good time to start to explore. Starting to walk around and all a few things like that.


These are my goals for March! What are yours goals? I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!



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