March Goals {2018}

This weekend I sat down and choose my goals for march, it’s a goals post for this monday.


February was a good month with my goals, I managed almost all, side life or side food. I enjoyed my goals.

For march, I want a lot of goals about spring, start spring season.


Before my march goals, a recap of february goals.


1. Buy Spring Clothes. During february, I concentrate a lot on about buy spring clothes, I managed to buy almost all clothes already that I want for start spring. I seriously enjoyed to be concentrate on buy spring clothes.

2. Valentine’s Photography. Yes! I did the photography I wanted to do.

3. Stay cozy with winter weather. It’s all good… between my sunday’s ski times and at the end of february in my city the temperature is down to -15°C and it was a little snowing also, I stay cozy in the winter weather.

4. Prepare Summer Vacation. It’s in process.



1. Transform food in heart form. Just for fun and I loved.

2. Eat Chinese on Chinese New Year. Yes, I did!

3. Try New Five different Fruits. Defeat,… ok the goal of try five in only one month, it’s so much, I just try two new: lemon and raspberry that I love, added to my success try of january, banana and pear. So I ate four different fruits this month. It’s better that nothing like last year.

4. Hot Chocolate. Oh, yes, yes!

5. Ready with new weekly baking. It’s all good, every friday mornings.


Now, let’s see my march goals.


1. Get ready for Ski Trip. I have a ski trip in the end of march with my family. I must finish to be ready for this one… with finish book my ski, ski pass, checklists for this ski trip,…

2. Enjoy Ski Time. That’s be the last times of skiing in march of the season. I need to enjoy them in maximum.

3. All Spring things. That the weather it’s here or not, march start the spring, I need start spring things as decorations, walking outside, thinking to easter,… all spring things.

4. Plan Big Project “Alone”. I have a BIG project therapeutic Alone in April in connection with fear to be alone outside, my social anxiety and my fear to be assaulted. I will talk not right now on the blog, later, I need to prepare my plans for this project this month.

5. St Patrick project. I see a lot of things on Pinterest, that’s give a want to do St Patrick project.

6. Watching Law and Order: from season 13 to 18. I have a really big obsession with this tv show these time, I already watching all seasons 18, 13, 14 and few others episodes, in march I want complete my watching from season 13 to 18. Just because I want. I love that.



1. Green Food. Because… it’s St Patrick month and spring start this month also, I want eat a lot of green food.

2. Continue eat Fruits. This month I choose not to put try new fruits goal but just continue eat fruits that I already tested and that I love. And of course if I want try a new again, try it.


That’s wrap my march goals. What are your goals for march?

See you tomorrow.


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