Mango Smoothie

I talked last month in a post that I recently added smoothies into my life. If you missed my post, I talk about why I started to drink a lot of smoothies and how I have done with no knowledge in the smoothies world, check out here. I tried a few bunches of smoothie recipes now and I talked in the post that I will share my favorites on my blog. Last time, I shared an of my favorite basic, strawberry banana smoothie bowl. Like you could see it in my last post, I told that I want trying new fruits. Here it’s what I have done with mango smoothie!

I have never eaten mango in my life before. I love to drink this mango smoothie on the hotter days it’s really refreshing. Next week, a heatwave could be back in France. A thing who scaring me because on the last heatwave I felt really not good and next week, I have my Disneyland day trip of the month and it’s supposed to be 41 degrees celsius. Thankfully, I decided to keep water attractions for summer in my plans and not winter. Right! This mango smoothie could be a good refreshing help during this new heatwave.

This mango smoothie is refreshing and so smooth! It’s so good!

Mango smoothie

1 Frozen banana
1 Cup fresh mango
1 Cup almond milk

Blend all ingredients together.


What is the next smoothie! Do you love smoothies?




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  1. Going to have that version tonight. I know I will like it.

    My own mango version I have been having for summer days has been frozen mango with dilute orange and topped up with water.

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