Lockdown Thoughts: Dark Times Lead To Happiness?

Lockdown number 2, Day 06. Lately since the beginning of this new lockdown and Disneyland Paris second closure, I’m experimenting a lot of different emotions and feelings. Currently, the most powerful is heartbreaking to see the park closing a second time during months. A few days ago, the Disneyland Paris president has shared a few words about the heartbreaking of this new closure and hopeful words for the future on his Instagram account. Read his message brings me good in my mind.

I have again a lot more of emotions to explore but on another side when I was remembering some of my days in the park over the last year I realized something. I have often had some rainy days, welcome Paris weather, in the park but these rainy days were not necessarily the worst days. I was often exhausted and soaked, particularly when it was rainy all day, be outside all day in the rain is exhausting. But finally, when I was back in the hotel room and with dry clothes, I realize that this exhausting rainy day was amazing, and I ended the day with a feeling of happiness that I could maybe not have on a sunny day. Ok, except when the weather cancel the parade, but usually it’s not the rain, the parade happens often under the rain but it’s rather the wind who can cancel it when it’s too powerful, like my experience during my February’s trip this year. When I’m thinking about the ski season and my favorite days are not the beautiful sunny days, I love more the snowing foggy days, the snowflakes, the fresh powder, the difficult to ski in the fog, at the end of a ski session like that I’m exhausted but I have so much happiness in my heart. My favorite ski day of the past ski season is the last day on my ski trip in January. I was totally exhausted and completely soaked after to have skied under a heavy snow falling down during two hours in the afternoon, but I had so much happiness during and after this ski session. And it’s my favorite ski day of all the season.

Right! Ok! Rainy days, snowing and foggy days are often considered by peoples like a dark, bad, not happy weather. But rainy days at Disneyland Paris can give me happiness, snowing and foggy days on the slopes are my favorites and give me so much happiness. Can dark times in life lead to happiness? I’m thinking and ask me a lot this question right now.

Dark times, dark days are very particularly hard when you have a mental health trouble like depression and C-PTSD. You see no hope, you enjoy anything. It’s a time that I’m currently in it since March and again more particularly lately with this new lockdown and Disneyland Paris closure again. But can this dark time lead to something who bring me happiness? I’m currently exhausted like in the middle of a rainy day at Disneyland Paris but one day could I feel happiness like at the end of the rainy days at Disneyland Paris?

I don’t know really! But I want to meditate on this during these times in France and I wanted to document these thoughts in a post. Thanks for stopping by!



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