It’s a life update post today with an update on all sides of my life. I do this post every two month as that I can see where I’m in my life and come back on the previously for see my progress. This the beginning of a new school year so I think it was the good time for writing my feelings of this moment. The beginning of the season that I hate the more also and I think good to write my feelings before starting the season because this year, I decided to do all for love this season. Next update could be just after Fall and Christmas season beginning. Let’s time to see.


Food. I become with a cinnamon obsession, I put cinnamon on almost everything since that season fall has started slowly,… on Nutella Waffles, Cinnamon tea, Cinnamon Rolls. I love so much smells food. And I’m rather stable in my relationship with food even if sometimes I feel disgusting. I have a new big goal for september… it’s to try to start to eat vegetables. I have eaten any vegetables before. I recently tried new foods like popcorn, wrap. I try to pick up one new food to test on each week in my grocery list.

Borderline. I’m enough stable emotionally these times, I took always my medication and that’s work good. I can sometimes to be irritable but I’m calm down fastly. Just one thing who gives me bad, it’s watching the last episodes of NCIS New Orleans season 4, it made me really bad emotionally.


Depression. I have few downs sometimes but I’m not really depressed.


Social Anxiety. OMG! I’m so proud of my progress! I did big progress on my social anxiety same during my first solo trip, I did not deal like that. I get in the travel agency office after about 5 weeks to try, I took a big breathing and I talked to the lady. I took another big breathing and I went to the found objects office at the gare station to try to find what my mom forgot in the TGV. All that in the same day. I talked, sign, pay and again talked to the lady because she asked me information… And I did that all calmly. And thanks to me, my mom has back her object forget in the TGV. I wanted to cry so much I was proud of what I did!

Autonomy. My autonomy to depends of my social anxiety, of course, so with the progress that I did on my social anxiety. I increase my autonomy as I was alone when I did these progress. I’m good with my autonomy and I have just so many projects for increase it again a lot during the next months until next year.


Therapist Attachment. I feel in a healthy relationship with my psychiatrist, I’m not angry with her and I feel comfort and listened to by her. I easily canceled recently some appointments without feeling myself bad.


Sleeping. I try to have nights with enough sleeping hours (about 8 hours), it’s not always easy but I work well. I love use my sleep app to analyze my sleep, I talked all about in a post here. On another side, these times I do many nightmares who disrupt me.

Going Out. When I’m not so much tired and in pain physically I love going out. I went on my recent trip in Lyon, France, at a park theme during a day, I did mini golf, I love outside activities. I enjoyed outside time with summer and hot weather and I have plans to continue to go outside same with fall.


Working. I’m pretty excited about this new school year. I have a lot of new projects and with an all new school routine. I talked all about in a post hereThe work on my blog stays the same.

Physical. I feel a lot tired physically, in August, I even tried for the first time to take vitamins. It was a successful help in the beginning but now I don’t know really. I think I must try another thing.


Watching. I watch a lot Psych. I love watching Bull and this summer I watched season 4 of NCIS New Orleans and the last episodes was really hard to watch with my borderline disorder. I just started to watch Halloween movies.

Playing. I love playing with solitaire on my iPad, with my wood sudoku and my Rubik’s cube. It’s all my obsession these times.


What is in my head currently?

In my head currently, I have some obsessional thought. A lot of watching psych and halloween movies,… the tv shows premieres the last week of September. I work on my next solo trips, my next ski trip. I work on my birthday project. I have a lot about fall because I want to pass from depression to love during this season. I think that wraps all I have in my head currently.


It’s all. It was update on my life. I think a lot of good things inside.



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