Life Update

life update

It’s a life update post.


A summary on all sides of my life. I love to do that because I can see where I’m in my life, what is the next step, what is wrong,…


Food. It’s OK. I’m feeling rather good with food. I eat what food I want… don’t care if there is a lot of calories inside. Since May I managed a BIG deal “Eat Fruits” I cannot eat fruits before, I have eaten two or three fruits rarely during 1 and half year same never during a lot of months. In may, I fixed myself eat fruits in my monthly goals and with a lot of months to dealing try to eat fruits but never managed, now I did. I eat not a lot of various fruits at this moment but I ate 4-5 different kind of fruits.

Borderline. It’s stable. My borderline personality disorders was stable during these past few weeks. I can sometimes fastly become angry but rapidly I manage do not increase my mood and take a breath on the situation. I’m always with 25mg Lamictal on mornings of treatment.

Depression. In general, I’m not depressed but sometimes when I saw what happens in politics in the world or here in France with the unstoppable train strike since the beginning of April. I’m feeling really in a depression mood.

Social Anxiety. I’m feeling good with that, after my first solo trip in April I have not done some big things socially these last months but I did like even few things where I had to fight my social anxiety like talking to some peoples at the Apple Store or correct some wrong things with the waiter at Starbucks. I’m not ready for fight my social anxiety in all situations but I did so much since and with my first solo trip.


Autonomy. I fight my social anxiety, I’m independent. I have some problems for to do some things by myself again but I did so much progress and sincerely for these times I do not want to do more progress about this, except I want to have a lot of autonomy on my summer vacation like that I can to do some things that I want to do and that the rest of the family do not want to do.


Therapist Attachment. I’m at ZERO. Seriously, I have absolutely no attachement at my psychiatrist! I’m feel so bad with her these times. She has a behavior disrespectful to me… however there is one month that’s sounded better with the special meeting with my parents. Finally, I think, no. I have NO ATTACHMENT.


Sleeping. I sleep rather good when I sleep but I do not sleep before 2 am because I’m a lot of time in front of screens and it’s not good. An of my goals for my summer family vacation trip is watching less of screens.

Going Out. Since that summer is here I spend my time outside, outside with the sun, go in outdoor spa, pool, work/eat/blogging outside. Outside and more particularly in the house’s backyard is my favorite place these times.


Physical. Physically, I feel not strong always, I can’t raise something same a full water bottle it’s hard. So, since may I ride my bike about 4 mornings by week and during about 40 mins… psychically I’m managed but I’m like even tired and I took regularly some little breaks of 2-3 minutes for breath and to rest me. But I’m not a lot tired after I ride my bike, because it’s more particularly at the top of my body that I’m fastly psychically tired and least in the bottom of my body… and ride bike it’s more with the bottom of the body.

Watching. I watch several movies, I did my june movies review just mondayI started to watch two news tv shows: Fresh Off The Boat and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, I watched the seasons 1 of these two tv shows and I started to watch the season 2 of Fresh Off The Boat. If not other that than, I did not watch a lot, I watch here and there few episodes of SVU, Monk. I watch particularly Hawaii 5-0 these times. Nothing else! Hey! Important: I started to watch Bull, OMG!!! I love new tv show of Michael Weatherly.


Playing. Playing is a distraction to take away of my head my mental disorders, I do not play a lot these times BUT I love Giant Outdoor Mikado, Triomino, Domino.

What is in my head currently? 

Well, summer family vacation who is just on the corner. I think a lot about planning next trips for this year again or next year or same again more far in my life, I think about family trips and my solo trips or ski trips.

In summer, ski clothes are in sales so I’m looking for buy my ski clothes that I need for next season.

The new tv show of Micheal Weatherly that I just started to watched, I saw the third firsts episodes and I loved this tv show and I think to that a lot in my head.

Audible, I just love this new thing that I started to use, it’s AWESOME.


That’s wrap this Life Update.

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