Life Lately + Tendinitis

This is a little look on my life lately.

Right! I have put my Christmas decorations this past weekend! My decor is now matched to my mind. Yes! Because if you read me you know that my mind is ready since the beginning of November for the holiday season. But! I have decided to waiting mid-November for place my Christmas decorations. Now is set up. I could do a post about my decor next week.

About Christmas spirit. I watch now a Christmas movie each night. I definitely switched to Christmas coloring books. And I have adopted this literally! I love coloring Christmas. The fact! In my Halloween books, I loved to use more markers for coloring and in my Christmas books, I love more use color pencils. Santa cups for drink hot cocoa are out too.

This past weekend marks also the stop of my Sertraline treatment. After about two weeks, to take it every other day. I completely stopped it. Ok! It’s not easy, I have side effects (like headaches)… but psychologically I feel better because the days when I took it, I felt so bad. I decided to completely stop it.

I was back to see my doctor. And it’s official, I have a tendinitis. This morning, I did a blood test to try to find from where it’s come. It was really some painful days in my arms/hands these past days. I often placed a bandage around my write with an anti-inflammatory cream. Right! It was not really helpful, but with the bandage at least I can’t too much move my hand. I was tired with the pain I even canceled my psychiatrist visit of Monday. Well! With the pain in my hands and the side effects of stopping the Sertraline, I was often laying down in my bed.

Snow, snow! On Monday, the first snow of the season was here. It was so magical! It was not much but no matter, I was beautiful to see snowing again. I’m now again more in the ski mood.

I’m off in my bed with painful hands and in the mind to try to do a Christmas jigsaw puzzle and listening Christmas carols during the calm downs time of my pain and during the high pain level watching christmas movies.



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