Life Lately • September 2020

Back with a life lately after to have took a break in this series post during the summer. I haven’t so much to talk about because most of the time it was again a hard month on my mental health. In the beginning of the month, I refused the offer of my psychiatrist to do a FaceTime appointment because I haven’t so much to talk about or always that I’m feel bad for the same things.

I bought me new coloring books for this fall and I worked during one week on the editing of my last video. I loved this time!

The biggest part of this month, the temperatures were extremely hot again but with a little fall feeling in the air. I tried to spend eat the meals that I eat outside. A few days ago, the temperatures has extremely down in one day and it was rainy, it wakes up my tendinitis pain in my hands this fast temperatures switching. It was hard because I was able to do nothing physically but I’m not mad about these temperatures now.

The best! These temperatures switched in one day, over the past weekend there is the very first snowflakes of the season in the Alps, it was crazy for September, many snow cm was there. The next day after, the first snowflakes in the ski resort near of my house (where I’m skiing most of the season) were here also, it was crazy to watch the webcam and to see the ground white. Of course, it’s not again the start of the ski season and the snow is already gone but it was so good for my mental health to see that. I waited these first snowflakes since the last ones in February. It was magical, watching it through the webcam! And for the first time since months, I felt a little feeling of happiness.

A few days ago, I placed out a few fall decor. And I got an another project since a long time for a board wall. I haven’t a lot of things hanged on my wall and I do not want a lot but I wanted to do a board where I can put a few things that I’m in love with like photos and a few more. I bought a board on IKEA and after a few days to working on it I finally accomplished this project.

That wraps this September month life lately! Thanks for stopping by!



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