Life Lately – Post Solo Trip.

All the feelings after a successful solo trip!

I’m now back from my second solo trip and a lot of emotions have passed by my mind during this post-solo trip. First. I recapped my trip in a post, find it here, if you missed it! I talk about my thoughts, feelings, experiences during this solo trip. Ok! Like said it at the end of the recapping post. I had a sad touch! When I went back home, I was sad! Sad that the trip was not more long! This sad touch has continued during two-three days after the trip. It’s gone now! Henceforth, I think to expand more my next solo trip. On the others sides, I had some good and some bad! I thoughts a lot of my trip! The weather is particularly sunny and hot in my town for an October month. I did a fall ride and monday I had my post-trip psychiatrist visit.

I’m happy because this cutie was happy to find me back. All week she was with me and wanted me cuddling. But! I’m a little sad because I can’t give her much cuddles that I would like because of my allergies. In more, my allergies are high these times.

A thing who is good to be back home, it’s baking. I baked again once time my Apple Cinnamon Bread. I love it!

I’m literally obsessed with the A380 that I saw on the runway at the end of my trip! It was so fast, I did not have the time to take a photo! So, I decided to draw it. Here, on sunday, the weather is so beautiful and hot so I draw outside, during eating my chocolate from the airport.

Sunday afternoon I did a bike ride in the forest.

Talking about Halloween! I watch every day Halloween movies and I color a lot Halloween too.

This cat takes advantage when I’m on my carpet for ask me cuddles. The other night, I building Lego on and when she saw that. She jumped on the occasion. This cutie! So sweet! The best!

Monday, I had my psychiatrist visit and I was not good. Ok! My train was delayed so I had 30 minutes of delay at the appointment. But! I don’t know! What think my psychiatrist but she has reduced the time of my visit at 15 minutes. Fact. She takes me always about 20 minutes of delay and for once time that it was me who has a delay! Add to that! In these only 15 minutes, she did not care about the trip that I did. She asked me just two-three questions about. She did not care! Now, I do not have appointments before November because she is in vacation. Although, this past night. I did a big nightmare about my psychiatrist and the behavior she had on monday. And! this behavior that she has since a long time! But this last time it was better! And now not. I’m happy do not to see his disrespectful (it’s what I feel) behavior before three weeks.

Finish on a good one. Tuesday, I baked chocolate chips and this is the first time that it was a success. I already did many recipes but I never managed good. Now, I found a good recipe to manage them! So soft and good!

That wraps this life lately post-solo trip week. It was a week with mixed emotions.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow with my favorites of the week.



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