Life Lately – Post FIRST SOLO TRIP.

It’s life lately.

It’s a special life lately because I lived my first week after my first solo trip so it’s life lately post first SOLO trip.

If you missed it, you can found my first solo trip recap HERE.


This week post-first solo trip, I felt good as my trip was good.

Besides that I felt good after this first solo trip, I had some desires or special needs a little weird. I was a lot tired after my ski trip in the French Alps at the end of march and only ten days after I followed with my first solo trip in Nice while I was again physically tired of my ski trip, in Nice I walked a lot (about 13 miles in three days, it’s very much for me) so I increase again my physical fatigue. The night of the day where I went home… I told me literally, I will stay sleep or lay down on my bed during at least one complete week… not because I was depressed or another thing but just because with these two trips I was complety exhausted physically. In real, I stayed a lot in my bed taking very little naps or just lay down but I did not stayed in bed all complety week… I am now a little less tired but I need again a lot of lay down in bed for recovery of this BIG physical fatigue, it’s mostly my ski trip that tired me a lot not my solo trip, skiing during few days in the row it’s so much for my actual physical condition but added the solo trip where I walked a lot so that I did not have healed my fatigue of skiing… THAT’S EXHAUSTED ME.

The second thing weird, it’s when I went home too, I declared that I wanted eat pasta at every lunch during one week equally, seriously I do it, I ate since friday lunch and at every lunch some pasta. I don’t know why but I wanted so I did it.

Since my solo trip where the weather was not good with a rain during all three days so that Nice it’s a sun city and to have been blocked in airport with a flight delayed of 5 hours in cause of storm, violent rain and winds, I feel in trouble psychologically with the weather. In my city it’s actually sunny since I’m back home , it’s a beautiful spring weather… and I found that weird, in my head I told me some questions, why it is sunny? why it’s not rain? why there is no storm? I have the impression that I’m crazy to thinking that.

But on another side, I love that it’s sunny because I spend a lot of time outside on my terrace with the sun, I ate same on my terrace, I’m writing this post on my terrace enjoying the sun and the good temperature. It’s a little weird all these things.


No matter, I felt good after this first solo trip and although I think I had all these weird things after my first solo trip because I felt so good and I did not think that my first solo trip would have been much good with almost no anxiety and that I could have feel much good after this trip.


Little note after this trip too: I decided to take one week of break and after I decided to search and start to book other solo trips.

Friday, I celebrated my first successful solo trip, all day by the way of to do all some things that I love to do and by eating a lot of things that I wanted. It’s good.

Monday afternoon, I went at my psychiatrist visit. My psychiatrist told me that she was proud of me of what I did. But in real I was not satisfied of this visit… since I do a lot of things in solo, my psychiatrist has changed and I’m feel not good with that. I have few problems with my psychiatrist these times. On another good side after my psychiatrist visit I ate a KFC’s Chocolate Kream Ball.

I loved found my little heart after my trip.

I’m not stayed in bed all week, I went outside and enjoyed sun.


That’s wrap this life lately including my first week after my first solo trip.

Thanks for reading.


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