Life Lately… pictures

Today, I have a little random of pictures of my life lately of these last few days. Ice Skating, christmas movies, hot chocolate, nutella crepes, reading New York, Philips Hue Go are here and they are my favorites for close this christmas season.

Three times in three weeks,… ok, I love so much ice skating when I say so much it’s really so much.

Christmas movies times… I stopped to count how much I watching.

Hot Chocolate everyday.

Reading and watch photography from my (christmas gift) New York book.

This lamp #philipshuego (that I had for my birthday) is so good. Connected, 1 billion of different colors, portable or rechargeable… my favorite color is this blue. I love this lamp <3.

Philips Hue Go lamp, blanket is cozy winter.

Mac & Cheese for lunch <3.

I’m in love when my cat comes at me and cry on the floor for have some snuggles.

Few nutella crepes on these last days.


That’s wrap my life lately, I so much loved these days.



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