Life Lately / St Patrick Day Skiing

It was so much slow down these last days in my head. First, I had a few days to recover physically of my day trip at Disneyland Paris last Wednesday. Secondly, on Thursday I started to stop the Sertraline because it does not help me for my obsessional thoughts. I take it one day on two currently, it’s much harder to stop it this time compared to the last time, I felt not so exhausted. And emotionally I have some anger emotions. Tired, I even canceled my psychiatrist visit on Monday because I was not fit to go there.

On St. Patrick Day, I wrapped up the ski season by skiing one last afternoon. I’m sad but happy also because it was an amazing season! I skied nine days this season, I’m so grateful for this with the moving progress we had during the ski season. I progressed so much in my ski practice on my only second year of skiing even more that I fixed myself like goals. I’m in level 4. I’m so happy and it’s so fun! On my two last ski sessions in March when I started to do some skidding turns, I launched me and took my first blue slope. On the first time, the blue slope looked like a black, on the second time also and after fighting my anxiety and run a few times the blue slope, I was rather good, more physically tired but I absolutely loved to take this blue slope. It was so fun! And on the last times, I managed to turn parallel on the blue slope without stopping me after each turn. Amazing! The ski brings me so many good things in my mental health and my happy place is in the mountains at skiing. Sad time! The snow starts to miss in the ski resort around my house. On this last day of ski, we went to eat at Mc Donald for lunch and took the road of the mountains. I started skiing under the rain with some heavy winds and finally, it was snowing. It was amazing! I love skiing with the snowflakes falling down, I had some fresh powder for skiing. It was beautiful! One fact that I loved about this ski season also: I loved to drink a hot cocoa and eat a donut after each ski season.

Snow, I will miss you! Thanks for reading!



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