Life Lately • November 2020

Wrapping this November month with a life lately. All the month of November has been spend in this second lockdown in France. And the lockdown has officially was extended until December 15, in the same way the French gouvernment refuse to opens Disneyland Paris for the Christmas holiday window, and they refuse equally to open the ski resorts for the holiday. This is a hard feeling because these my two favorites things. But maybe it’s could change again for the ski resorts, not sure yet.

But at the end of October in the beginning of this new lockdown, despite that it’s pretty hard mentally, I decided to work to make it differently and live it differently that the first one in the beginning of the year. It’s lead me in an incredible work every day to understand a lot of my emotions. I talked about this in a post last week here.

I was supposed to wait after my trip in at Disneyland Paris mid-November, but like it got canceled because of the lockdown, I decided to place in the beginning of November my Christmas decor. Usually, I do all the same day, but this year I had the want to do slowly and place a few things every day during a few days. It was what my feelings wanted to do, so I have done it. I’m not sure if I could proceed like this in the future but this year I loved to do it like that.

During the month of November, I shared a day in the life: lockdown edition. During this lockdown, I’m really trying to structure more my day, I found a really benefit on my mental health to do that. Another thing that I tried and I worked this month, it’s take down the more possible social media, screen times. All over the year, I learned that less I use social media and screen times, better my mental health is, and with the announce of this second lockdown, I found a real necessities that I take my times the more down that possible. I often dealt and argument with myself the fact to take a complete break of social media but I finally chosen to stay on it but really reduce my time on it. I simply chosen to stay on it, to follow Disneyland Paris medias during this new closure and continue to follow the Disneyland Paris community and over Instagram, I wanted to share some photos from last year Christmas season at Disneyland Paris, even if this year is canceled, because I got so many  amazing memories from last year season that I wanted to take the time to remember them like they deserve them.

Out social media, welcome puzzle, lego, board games. And I love these times! I bought me a lot of new games this month, and I even created a puzzle photo on Photobox with a photos from Main Street USA last year during Christmas. Pretty cool!

On November 18, it was Mickey’s Birthday and with Disneyland Paris closed, I decided to create a video of footages that I got of Mickey, taken between September 2019 and October 2020. I loved doing this special thing! You can find the full video here. I’m currently on the editing of videos about Disneyland Paris Christmas last year, it was not the best footages but I decided to do some work and explore the skills that I learned on the editing software in a Christmas spirit. Right!

That wraps this month, about one week ago I started to stop the medication that I take since over five years and who doesn’t helps me. I previously already tried to stop it but I had some bad thoughts and I didn’t react good. But I decided to try again like even because this medication doesn’t helps me and I started to be mad to take it for nothing. After an email echange with my psychiatrist, she done me a calendar to stop it on six weeks. Right! That wrap this November life lately!


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