Life Lately • March 2020

Well! What a month with a lot of different feelings! I haven’t talked about a lot again but in this post, I could talk about the Coronavirus because it’s rhythmed the month of March already. I don’t know in what country you are and how the situation about the Coronavirus is at your city. The France is totally shut down since the mid-March. We do not have the right to go out! We can to have a fine to pay if we go out! The liberty doesn’t exist anymore since two weeks. I live in the city of the France where the situation is the more severe and there is the more of cases of Coronavirus. A few days ago, the French president done a speech from our city because it’s the one more touched in France since the beginning of the situation. I don’t know what I feel about this world situation. I have a lot of feelings! I could probably identify only when the world situation could be calmer.

In the beginning of March, when the situation was calmer but I saw that every day she started to be more serious. At the last minutes, I switched my Disneyland Paris trip initially planned from 16th to 19th, early from 6th to 9th. I’m so grateful to have be able to go early! Of plus, I spent an amazing trip! I recapped it here.

In the beginning of March, mark also the complet stop of the Sertraline. I finally stopped it completely! The withdrawal were a bit hard, and I even was going on my trip to Disneyland Paris so that I felt not completely right after to have stopped it one week before the departure. But during my trip I was ok!

Right! The last psychiatrist visit that I got it was in the beginning of February, the rest of February it was school holiday, my first visit in March, I had to cancel it because I felt not good to take the train with the Sertraline that I stopped a few days ago, the second visit in March, I had to cancel it because I switched my trip to Disneyland Paris. And since the France is shut down! My psychiatrist contacted me a few days ago, to propose me some visits by video. But I decided at this moment, do not take it. Despite of the hard world psychological situation, I feel good again from my Disneyland trip. And on another side of the fact that I do not saw her since the beginning of February, I was worry that these video visits do not take me good. Right! I write back to my psychiatrist that I could think about it again… With all this situation, I was able to do two monthly trips to Disneyland Paris without to see my psychiatrist between. This is a first time! I feel pretty good! I really start to be detached from her! It’s the first time in 10 years that I haven’t spent two full months without a visit. I generally don’t exceeded three weeks.

Quarantine at home! I spent these two last weeks to editing some videos from Disneyland Paris, I have finally wrapped my video on the Frozen Celebration (that I could share here next week). And I just started another one video to edit! I love spent this time to edit!

Since that the France is shut down and in quarantine, a lot of online websites have done sales to encourage peoples do not go out. I’m not sure it’s working because peoples in France do not respect really the rules. BUT! I have found a super good deal on a filmmaker online course on the website of Udemy. I pay it 12,99€ instead of 199€. Really cool! I loved it! One week working on it, I wrapped it today, I learned a few useful tips for my next videos!

With this shut down situation, I permitted me to buy me a new game for my Nintendo Switch. Sometimes, I could love to go out in the garden where there is nobody but the weather is very windy and cold. Right! The situation is really inside all the time! Despite that it’s again cold, the sun is back and spring in the air, and I started to switch my afternoon snack drink from hot cocoa to milkshake. I’m not totally happy about it! But I feel a bit good to this switch!

In the mid-March, I decided to take an one week Instagram break that I extended (I’m always in this break) but I could talk about soon.

On Wednesday, it was my mom birthday! Of the fact we can’t go out and I was not even able to order his gift because all is shut down. I baked her in waiting a French Chocolate Cake that she can to have something on her Birthday’s day like even.

Right! That wraps this particularly life lately and thanks for reading!


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