Life Lately • June 2020

Well! A little look on my life in June! Ok! June has started by the evolution of reopening the France with the start of the phase 2 on June 2. Mid-June, the French president has talked officially (it was not planned in first time), to place all the French departments in green zone including the Ile De France who was again in orange zone when we started the phase 2 and was supposed to be until the June 22. On June 22, we have started the phase 3 of reopening. Well! Pass these dates has been some steps about reopening the France. Sometimes I felt good, sometimes I felt bad. For me, my life haven’t really changed since mid-March at the beginning of the two strict lockdown months in France. I doesn’t go a lot outside. And in real, I feel pretty anxious about the Coronavirus, like it is always here.

But, in June I took a step towards the outside world because I have done a few rides bike in the forest. Well! That’s a first step! The more powerful day of June has been on June 22, of course this day has been the beginning of the phase 3 of reopening the country. But it’s on this date also that Disneyland Paris has officially announced his reopening date. A lot of sources and informations told that the date of reopening could be mid-July, but nothing was officially. Disneyland Paris was rather in silent, it was frustrating sometimes but it’s finally something that I accepted with the evolving situation. And they were probably occupied to prepare the most for the parks reopening. It was so exciting when finally they told it! I already talked about here a little, but the more exciting also it was that the two shows from The Lion King and Jungle Festival who takes place from June 20 to September 13 normally could happening later this summer. With all the social distance rules and the rest but that’s so amazing! I can’t wait to see how they have hard worked on the organization and shows to be able to makes that happening. I know that with social distance it’s not possible but if you know me since awhile you know that with my social anxiety I could be not doing a thing like that but I want to give a big hug at every cast members who have continued to work during this uncertain time for be able to make the most possible best and magical experiences at the parks reopening and on the organization to take in place some shows. I’m excited to see what it’s in real!

In the beginning of June I welcomed also a new member of my camera family. I bought myself a Canon M6 Mark II. I was looking for a camera between my DSLR and iPhone. I often noticed that during my Disneyland Paris trips or even any kind of trips, after the second day I feel overwhelmed by the weight of the DSLR with my tendinitis, of this fact, on the last days I left my DSLR for take just some photos with my iPhone but the most times I don’t like these photos. Right! I wanted a camera between the two. I think I have found the good, I’m so excited when I have this new one in my hands. I can’t wait to test it and take some photos with at Disneyland Paris!

Last week, we had a first heat wave of the summer and at this occasion, I started to eat some ice creams and making some smoothie bowls. And launched the outdoor hot tub season.

Oh! Lately, I can’t stop to watching the season 6 episode 2 of Psych on repeat.

And my favorite and obsession breakfast currently is French Toast. I always don’t eat a lot and nothing at lunch time most of the days. But I’m in love with French Toast, particularly with Nutella stuffed.

That wraps this life lately! Thanks for reading!




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