Life Lately: In The South Of France

It’s now two weeks that I’m in the south of France on vacation. I followed this trip just after my solo trip to Disneyland Paris, I joined the south without going back home. Contrary to my Disneyland trip where I was doing always something, here it’s a trip with nothing planned. And it’s pretty good!

We are living in mobil-home in a camping near the city of Montpellier. When I was little we went almost every summer in some campings for vacation but these last years, it was rather hotel. I rather love hotels but it’s pretty good to be back in a camping also. My days are not planned before, some days I do not go out, some days I’m going on the beach, some times I practice hand lettering, but I spend almost all my time to editing my photos and my videos of my trip to Disneyland Paris. It’s pretty nice! I love this time! It was a long time that I haven’t done a trip without planning my days and in the current circumstances, it’s pretty good. Just relaxing and embrace this time on travel.

I haven’t really taken photos since I’m here because I’m not really doing big things and I’m again with my Disneyland photos. This trip does not justify to do some recaps so I will share just a bunch of photos of these two last weeks in a life lately post. This weekend, I’m going back home.

That’s a little life lately of my past days in the south of France! Thanks for reading!


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