Life Lately. Hidden by Depression.

Today, I have a assortiment of pictures of my life lately who is hidden by a depression lows and a relapse with anorexia. This lately inclue: christmas movies, christmas store, christmas decorations get out, fight alone anxiety outside world, hot chocolate… First Christmas Baking with some Gingerbread Muffins. On another side of that, I feel down in depression and I do a relapse with eating disorder.

Three or Four nights by week, I watching a Christmas movie.

One week ago, I get out Christmas decorations inclue my tree in my room and few decorations, I do not again finish touches and… I enjoy to do that.

With Christmas musics in Background for get decorations.

My little tree in my room I started to do last year and I was exicted for to do again, I love it.

Christmas in bed too.

Go in a Christmas Store it’s AWESOME, I love so much, all things, and the ambiance gives me good mood.


I ordered a christmas baking stuffs order and I love it.

With or Without Christmas movies building Christmas Lego.

The Santa Clause.

First Christmas baking on this sunday morning… Gingerbread muffins.

A little walking and watching the sky on sunday evening.

Christmas, christmas, movies, movies,…

Psychiatrist visit this afternoon with Christmas touches I love it… And I went alone fighting my #socialanxiety.

Drink a hot chocolate from starbucks after my psychiatrist visit.

Christmas Pj’s, check. Breakfast Pancakes, check. View on my cat, check. ‘Morning time.

Shooting Christmas Lego with the toys shop and holiday train.

I love the sweetness of my cat.

Cozy home shoes, check. Cozy and Soft vest, check. Merry Christmas mug, check. Hot Chocolate, check.

Just diving in a bubble bath a watching a modern family episode.


That’s wrap my life lately, a life lately who hide my depression and eating disorder relapse.



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