Life Lately // First Day Skiing of The Season

A little look on the life lately. I took a break of blogging lately because I wanted to enjoy the Christmas season and I needed to think what posts I want to do in 2019. I’m back since yesterday with my thoughts about the new year and goals for 2019.

Since Christmas, a little time is passing. I have celebrated New Year eve with my family on a dinner outside. This beginning of 2019 was with mixed emotions. I felt good, ready to face my anxiety on this new year but not only, I felt also anxious and I did my first anxiety crisis of 2019. I’m always more anxious in the new years! I do not like start a new year because I’m just so much afraid about… about what could happen in this new year. I’m afraid of suffering! Right! I’m right now in the process to work on these bad feelings. It’s hard, it’s tiring!

These last days, we have worked a lot on the new house renovations. I was excited because last week, we placed the carpet in my bedroom. It’s so comfortable! I never had of carpet in my bedroom. I can’t wait to live in the new house. The beginning of this year was a little special because we put down all the Christmas decorations on the 2nd January, usually it’s after the epiphany but with the moving process and the new house renovations, it was early this year. But ultimately, I felt good about because this year I had the feeling to put them down early and clean my bedroom. Since that I was at Disneyland Paris for my birthday I’m obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Well! I can’t stop listening to the Christmas parade music and I started to bake Mickey Mouse cookies. It’s cool! I love that! Another note, I booked already train tickets for a day at Disneyland Paris in March. I insert an excited face!

Sunday afternoon, I climbed the mountains about 1 hour away from my home and did my first-day skiing of the season. I started my second season of ski and I feel so good! I started by to do about 5 minutes to re-starting to feel the sliding effect and walking with the ski on a flat area and without hesitations, I took my first slope. I’m content because I had no problem to take back where I have stopped me in my progress last season at the end of March 2018. I did big turns, took speed. And! I already managed to do parallel turns on the first day. I’m so happy! Parallel turns is my goal this season. I’m so excited! On another hand, I was thinking that I could to have more anxiety to come back on the slopes and finally. No! I was just a very little anxious! I spotted a new pain on my left knee. To see! But I’m happy too because I was afraid about my tendinitis pain in my wrists/arms but surprise I did not have of pain.

Yesterday, I had my first psychiatrist visit of the year. It was emotional, the last one was 10th December 2018 and on 11th December 2018, the shooting happened in Strasbourg. I was hard mixed emotions and the terror attack the day after where I was and where I go often. Yesterday, I was back at Strasbourg for the first time after the terror attack. Before and after my psychiatrist visit I took some big walks time in the city. I had the time because I have finally taken an appointment at the Genius Bar to change the battery of my iPhone. Yes! I have a new battery. I could not anymore, she stayed charging not more than 1h. She was with a health of 81% and declared by Apple as dead!  The time that I waited on my iPhone, I took the time to walk and enjoy, the Christmas decorations were again here. I stopped in front of the memorial on the Place Kleber. I had a deep sadness! I left the city and take the train back home. Happy to have been back in Strasbourg!

I  feel so happy to be back on the slopes! That wraps.




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