Life Lately • February 2020

This morning I wake up under a beautiful snowfall and in the mid-day I started to get in a big anxiety attack. I hate my mental health! But, right! Here’s a February life lately.

In the beginning of February, there was a big change over here with my blog because I switched my blog name and design. If you missed the post, I explain all here.

In the beginning of February also in France we celebrate La Chandleur and eat a lot of crepes at this occasion. This year, it was a Mickey Shaped Nutella kind of crepes. It’s pretty hard to do french crepes directly in Mickey shaped so I decided to draw the Nutella inside in Mickey shaped. I’m looking everyday to do creative Mickey shaped.

From 08th to 12sd, I have done my first and EPIC trip to Disneyland Paris of 2020. I loved it and it missed me so much do not go to Disneyland during two months. I shared the diary of my trip here.

I thought it since a few weeks and I waited to be back from my trip, I started to stop the Sertraline (that I took since the end of October). I don’t know if it’s helped me really but I hesitate to stop it and my Disney trip really give me the thing to really trying to stop it. I completely stopped it this week and I’m in the process to know again how I feel about stopping it.

When February is normally the biggest full month of Winter for snow and ski practice. We deal a lot with lack of snow. It’s snowing many days but in a few days the temperatures rise so much high (into spring temperatures) and the snow is melting down in a few days. It’s often green rather than white in the mountains. I skied once time on the Sunday after to be back from my Disneyland Paris trip. I was hard because of the lack of snow, I tried to ski between grass and snow. I managed to progress a bit again on my ski skills with this challenge and I took my first ever red slope.

Since all the month of February, I sleep bad and doing anxious nightmares every single night. I’m totally exhausted! In February, I started to practice regularly meditation and bought me an annual subscription to the app Calm. Art therapy is in full time with the giant coloring poster from Disneyland Paris. I’m in absolute love with it!

Right! I’m always watching The Zack & Cody Suite Life and Christmas movies every night again. This week, I started my Disney Movie Challenge. That’s wrap a bit of February life lately. Thanks for reading!




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