Life Lately. Between Depression.

Fall stuffs, Pumpkin, Tv Shows, Coloring Giant Poster,… I have a assortment of pictures of my life lately between my depression.

I baked twice times Triple Chocolate Muffins for snack or breakfast, I love.

I have coloring a lot my giant poster sometimes just 5 minutes or sometimes 1 hour, I have coloring a lot and I love this sweet times.

Yeah! friday night with new season 14 episode of NCIS.

I have prepared a lot of Fall/Halloween PhotoShoot Food or Others thing, saturday afternoon this was m&m’s halloween popcorn and this was cool!

Currently in my city there is a exposure with a lot of flowers and sunday I was with my family, this was cool saw these flowers, that makes me a little go out of my depression mind.

I love this water also.

Sunday (Rose) and tuesday (Lavender), I use bath bombs for my bath, I love bath bombs these last times.

Followed by a Sunday night with a Halloween movie, I choose Fun Size, a best of last year.

Monday with my psychiatrist visit, followed by a Hot Chocolate from starbucks.

I have cooked on tuesday Pumpkin Cookies for the first time and eat, I loved it.

Coloring night… again,… again,…

Because it’s Fall, I ate Pumpkin Pasta, last dinner.


This is a assortment of my week between my depression or anxiety problems.




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