Life Lately. Between Depression and Anxiety.

Hi! It’s day for a life lately in photos. My days are full with my depression sides and anxiety attacks, it’s not the tranquil days… but I did few extra things this week which help me a little to go out of my depression or anxiety… This week I tried to do her the most with Halloween thing, Halloween movies every nights, Spider Pancakes for Halloween breakfast, Halloween Photoshoot, etc these little things. Ok, let’s start for recap my week in photos with a life lately.

First thing my best, I think… my trip on sunday at EuroPa-Park, a lot of pumpkins, Halloween Decorations, this was so wonderful. I recap my day of this EuroPa-PArk trip on tuesday, here.

And, with the crossing of Halloween to Christmas season.

On friday morning, I was at my generalist doctor, the waiting room was decorate for halloween.

This week I just eat many m&m’s candy corn with my hot chocolate time.

It was my challenge, watched a halloween movie by night this week, I did the challenge.

I love to be lost in my work with my blanket, this the season for entirely this.

Take this cat in photography.

NCIS L.A. Saturday night.

Builded a last for the season my ghostbusters lego.

On sunday night after the trip at EuroPa-Park the day, I was covered of sherpa and fur on night.

Monday I have been to my first psychiatrist visit in two weeks (this was vacation), hot chocolate and chocolate donut from Starbucks after my visit are done.

On night, I did a little photography time with this balloon.


Just again a Halloween movie.

Halloween DAY.

I did spider pancakes for breakfast.

Watched a halloween movie in afternoon. As well as the night with a hot chocolate and accompanied of m&m’s candy corn.

Wear a Monster pj’s.

I have a lot of thinking for victims and Manhattan.


I wrap my life lately, my week passing by crossing the way between depression and anxiety and trying to stay strong face to mental health.



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