Life Lately • April 2020

Welcome day 49 of quarantine! Let’s doing a life lately post. Well. Like I recently talked in a post, I spend a lot of time trying to find helpful tools because I’m falling a little more everyday in depression because I haven’t access to my only really helpful therapy tool. It’s not easy to find things because I already tried a bunch of things the previous months before the lockdown but nothing is helping me really.

The Disney Themed Program was really helpful. It has reduced my flashbacks really good the first week that I used it, the second week also but with my depression who hits in the middle of the week, I started to be overwhelmed and I was not able to follow it correctly. After, it’s started to be hard to find ideas for everyday. I have already done my favorites things to Disneyland that I was able to do virtually.

Right! A date to remember is the April 7, when Disney + is out in France after two weeks of delays because of the quarantine. I work on my Disney Movie Challenge, I started to watch some Disney classic that I never watched, I watched the three High School Musical movies and a few others. I’m not able to watch 5 movies by day because I’m not a movie lovers, rather tv shows. My favorite thing that I watched is the four first episodes of The Imagineering Story. I decided to keep and wait a bit to watch the two last episodes because of the parks closed, I wanted to take the time for the two last.

On April 13, the French gouvernment has extended the lockdown until May 11. But only a few things could start back again. I’m living in the city where there is the more of cases of Corona since the beginning and we have started the lockdown one week previous the rest of the France and the open back of my zone could also takes longer than in the rest of the France.

After five years with it, this month I bought me a new MacBook. Second thing, I can’t go to Disneyland to create new videos but in waiting I decided to progress in the editing zone that I can do at home. Ok! I launched me a big challenge. It’s years that I used iMovie to editing my videos but it’s started to be too simple with not enough options. It’s a few weeks that I’m thinking but it’s looked so complicated that before I abandoned. But I decided to switch to Adobe Premier Pro. It’s crazy all the buttons and settings in this software. I’m afraid, it’s so much complicated than iMovie. But it’s permits to edit with much more things and it’s for this reason that I decided to launch me this challenge. Now, after two weeks on it, I edited two videos and slowly learned the basic. I’m feel a bit more confident with Adobe Premier Pro. But I have a lot of work to learn advanced settings again. I help me with a Udemy course. And slowly by slowly, I manage better to use it.

The weather was pretty amazing and hot all month. Usually, it’s rather rainy with 10° Celcius in April but here we got some sun and 25° Celcius almost everyday. I’m not happy about this because I do not love hot weather and I preferred to be skiing but it was pretty nice, I could spend a few times almost everyday in the backyard to sit with the sun a few times. Wearing tees and shorts a lot already.

That wraps this life lately! Making a lot of Mickey Shaped.


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