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It’s a long time that I haven’t done a post like that! I have some really tough times with my flashbacks and anxiety these last weeks and I just realized that I feel depressed also. I have a hard time to find things that I want to do. I started the Sertraline one month ago now, and I just increased from 25mg to 50mg by day because it’s doesn’t help me. I will see now!

I’m overtired but my sleeping troubles . I try to add to my days some little activities to occupy in a better a way my mind, and my favorite right now is that I can to do Christmas related activities. I use stickers, puzzles, art therapy,… And I decorated my room for Christmas, it was not easy. Sunday, I have done for the first time of the season some Christmas sugar cookies.

Monday, before my psychiatrist visit, I took a walk in the Christmas markets at Strasbourg. Years, after years, the stalls are the same but it’s nice to take a walk and I love the smells.

I haven’t a lot of things hanging on the walls of my room but I have one photo in a frame above my desk, it’s the same since about four years and it’s one year that I wanted to change it because I wanted to place another one. And I have finally done it this week. I passed from a black and white beach photo to some trees covered by snow. I love it! I dreamed of a photo with trees covered by snow since a long time. Because let’s be real I rather love tree covered by snow than beaches. I’m happy of this little change!

That wraps a bit of my life lately! Sunday, I’m off on my December Disneyland Paris therapy trip. There, I dedicate all my photos to enjoy my time and take photos and videos so I haven’t time to take for the blog so I could be out of blogging next week.



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