I’m pretty bad lately! Really bad! The funeral of my grandma was Friday and since my second grandma passed away, I have much more anxiety and some new different kind of anxiety. I have so much new anxiety that these new are able to be more intense than my usual anxiety about my C-PTSD. These are so much that I have developed obsessional compulsive disorder again while it was a long time that I have managed to take them away from my life. Now, it’s back! It’s out of control in my head and the first psychiatrist appointment that I had in five weeks on Monday did not help me. My anxiety is very very powerful and everything is hard. Eating, sleeping, breathing, working, all is pretty hard. I’m currently searching for helpful tools but I haven’t managed to find some very helpful.

I will not put fall decor in the house before the beginning of October like I’m away all September month but I started to watching Halloween movies since about two weeks now. A cozy corner at night with my cozy blankets, Halloween movies, and a drink is pretty good.

I’m just in the mood to start packing for three weeks away from home also! Thanks for reading!



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