Life Lately

Life lately was special and rough. Right now, I’m sick since three days, I spent all my time in my bed, when I’m able to eat I eat also in my bed. The other day, I haven’t slept all night, by day and night I’m watching a thousand episodes of Friends. Last night, I was too sick so I was not able to go watch and take photos of the firework of Switzerland Independence Day in Basel like I done it every year, look on a photo of last year here. I’m sad because I love it so much and it’s on my top summer bucket list, but instead of I have shown to my parents a few videos of Disneyland Paris and it was pretty good to share this with them because I haven’t really done it again and sharing a bit what I love about Disneyland. It was good!

My grandma passing away is always hard to live, I have some multiple feelings about this and the death. The brother of my father has come at home to talk more about the circumstance of his passing away AND I was shocked! Shocked on multiple points! My grandma passing away is a homicide. This is a person who was supposed to be in a psychiatric hospital and not in a retirement home in a service with Alzheimer’s disease peoples, she pouched big and my grandma is falling down. After to do some radiography because she felt not good, they saw that she had a hematoma in her brain. She’s passing away a few hours later and in the suffering. It’s specially hard to know that she has suffered during all the time. So hard! I’m feeling that I will put some longs weeks to recover of my grandma passing away and all the story. In more, now the story is not finished, it’s in the court.

Monday, I had my first psychiatrist appointment since one month. A few days before, I spent an email to my psychiatrist to tell her about my grandma passing away and my feelings about. I have done this because I know that I could not to talk about during the appointment. I talked in my blog post here that I was maybe ready to talk to my psychiatrist about my flashbacks but two weeks after I’m not able anymore. A too long time is passed between the day and my psychiatrist appointment on Monday. This therapy day was rather good. The appointment was correctly good, but not enough! I have done a little self-care also, on the train back home I decided to put more money and take a more comfortable train and sit. It was awesome! And I tested the Frappuccino Cookies & Cream from Starbucks. It was pretty good!

Right! Baking Mickey cookies is so good for the mind! That wraps this life lately, I hope that I could breathe correctly soon and the sore throat could calm down. Thanks for reading!




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