Life Lately

Ok! The days after my Disneyland day in the beginning of June were hard. I don’t know! I was so GOOD during my day that my mind has badly reacted. I had ZERO flashbacks during my Disneyland day and after I was back to the reality with again more powerful flashbacks. I’m tired! So, life lately was tough! Well! Since I talked in my last life lately, I always love and go ride my bike on sunny days. It’s a nice time! I love to ride my bike in my new city. I try to take new roads also to discover new parts of the city.

Last Tuesday, I had my first and only psychiatrist appointment of June and I was clearly sad. Why? Because my psychiatrist has preferred asks me things about my flashbacks while I told that I was not ready and I feel again worst when I talk about. I was sad because she knew that I was at Disneyland and she does not asked me about my day, she just asked me when was my next day at Disneyland. I’m sad because it’s rather good and positive things like this that I want to talk with her right now. I tried to tell of what I want to talk but it’s like she does not take it seriously or she has forgotten. I feel lost in the psychiatrist world! This month marks also ten years that I go to see my psychiatrist and I don’t know where I’m about this. I went to eat an OREO Cupcake and walk in my favorite part of the city after but it’s not helped me good.

An of my obsession is to eat fruits. I talked about in my smoothie post last week, if you missed it check out here. I drink fruits in smoothies but I try to eat fruits in new different ways also. I’m rather a Nutella waffle lover but since I ate a marvel sugar waffle on my Disneyland day this month, I love sugar waffles. Finally, I tried a sugar waffle at home also and I added some strawberries in more. It’s delicious! It’s given me a feeling of comfort! I can add “eat sugar waffle with strawberries” at the list to practice hygge in the summer season.

Well! Last week, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I will start now, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. I don’t know why exactly! But, since a few time during reading Harry Potter I want to go visit London. Friday, I went to do a haircut. I cut about 10 cm, after I feel better and lighter.

That wraps the life lately! Tomorrow morning, I will take a flight to go on a beach family vacation on the French Riviera. I wanted to do adventuring things during this trip but I canceled a few things and I want just trying to relax during this trip and just enjoying some little beach happiness. I hope that this trip could calm my flashbacks because I feel really exhausted because of them. I keep one or two adventures like even but if not I have a hope to relax my mind during this trip. I could be out of the blogging world during this time. I want to disconnect of internet world during this trip. I could use my DSLR to taking photos and my iPad to read Harry Potter, nothing else! I will be out for 10 days! Take care! Thanks for reading.




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