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Arrgghh! The life lately was hard! I had a ton of anxiety since I’m back of my solo trip in Paris three weeks ago. Back of my trip, I was diagnosed with PTSD (I talked about here) and it was so hard lately. Even if place a name on my feelings helps me to understand better a few things. I have much more flashbacks, anxiety and I have some big sleeping troubles also.

Besides, I’m excited and happy also because I have booked a big Disneyland Paris trip in September, I started to plan my day trip in the parks in June and I have found what solo trip I want to do in spring 2020, a cruise in the Mediterranean. The big cruise ships make me dream since a long time, I never did a cruise. I want to do new travel adventures in solo, I choose that this one could the big next. Cruise is a really new world for me and I think I could have to need many months to prepare myself, it’s for this reason that I have chosen for the spring next year and not before. I have nothing booked again but I’m looking on the itinerary and what cities I want to do. I would love to go in Italy and Greece, I have never been. I have a friend who will do a cruise in the Mediterranean next month, I waiting for all his advice and tips. That’s during the good moments or when I’m in some tough times I’m trying to think at all these exciting things but it’s not always easy.

I’m really exhausted mentally and physically, I spend a really lot of times in my bed with my cozy blankets. A few days ago, I started to re-watching all episodes of Law and Order: SVU season 20, I wanted to do it before the episode final next week. The good side, when I’m watching SVU I have no flashbacks. Another activity who helps to reduce my flashbacks (except skiing and walking in Disneyland), it’s hand lettering. I particularly love to do on nights in my bed. I love to do laundry and folding clothes, the other day during an anxiety attack I took out of my drawers all clothes and I re-folding them. Crazy, I know! But I love folding. It’s worked, it calmed my anxiety. My cat had a new hanging bed for Christmas when my parents are working outside in the backyard and I’m in my room she cries all the time because she wants cuddles. One time, I took his hanging bed and place it in my room near my bed where I spend the most part of my time AND she climbs in it and can sleep hours inside without asking cuddles anymore, she is obsessed with. I love to have my cat near where I’m also. I can’t take my cat with me in my bed because I’m allergic! Right! Sweet time!

We had a lot of national holiday days in France these last times. I try to go outside a little on the beautiful days but it’s hard because I’m exhausted. On Mays 1st, I took with my parents and sister a walk in the forest. Ok! Eating is hard lately, I started my fruit food challenge and the most time I eat pasta at each meal. But when I can, I try to transform in shaped Mickey food. It’s fun! I think I need a Mickey cookies cutter. Right! I think that wraps the life lately. If you have missed my post where I talk about my PTSD diagnosis and all the feelings about, check out herexoxo




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