Life Lately

Here a little look on my life lately! Well! I was super angry after my psychiatrist visit on Monday last week. I don’t know how my psychiatrist thinks but it’s sometimes really weird! She talks to me about trivial things but not the biggest important. The last visit, it was my last one before my solo trip in Paris because there are two weeks of school break in France but she asks me nothing about my trip, how I feel. I thoughts, it should have been the big point of this visit. But no! It gives me a lot of anger! I have no visit before the 23rd April but I just do not want to go anymore to any visit. I’m angry more that one week after again. At this moment, I prefer to do a day trip at Disneyland Paris once by month even if I must wake up at 4h00am and do not go anymore to see my psychiatrist. It makes me happier! Just one thing that I love to go at Strasbourg for a psychiatrist visit, it’s to take a walk after in La Petite France, I love this area. I stopped for a cupcake.

One week ago, I stopped completely the Sertraline and oh dear, it’s so hard! I took and stopped many times the Sertraline these last few years but this time it’s just so hard. I feel tired, depressed! But these four last days, I have a special sensation in my head and my anxiety is so HIGH. I love to do puzzles, it’s therapeutic!

Another thing who helps me lately is cherry blossom, I’m obsessed with. Each time, I go out I looking around me to search if I see. Well! with the hotter spring weather, I started to say bye and reduce my quantity of hot cocoa and let place to ice creams.

On another note, with the spring weather, we started to explore the backyard and garden and renovate it. This cutie loves her new place! My nights lately are made with a lot of time to planning my Paris solo trip and watching Psych in the same time, wrapped in my cozy blankets. And seriously, I love this time!

I work on my spring bucket list, I’m trying new different cupcakes flavors. I think that wraps my life lately, the bad and good. I spend a lot of time in bed, I’m exhausted! What is really the flu?! Since I had it back in December and I was sick in February, the doctor told me that it was not a second flu, two flu in the same season it is not possible but since December, I’m so much exhausted! Exhausted! Thanks for reading! xoxo




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