Life Lately

It was full of different things lately in the new house! All last week, I was sick and spent all week in my bed, I couldn’t stand up without feeling me bad, it was not the flu because I already had back in December but I had all the same symptoms that the flu except I did not have fever. I slept the biggest part in my bed! And with Psych in the background! It’s one month that I took the Sertraline but does not help me. Since about one week, I feel my brain think differently so I suppose that the medication started to works really on my brain but I have always all of my obsessional thoughts. Talking obsession! This weekend, I finished my second Harry Potter book. It’s so entrainment! I just can’t wait to read the other books! But! I still can not believe it that I managed to read my first novel in February and I just finished the second! It’s amazing!

On last Sunday, it was ski day! Well! I worked good! I love to do some skidding on the end of my turns, it’s so fun! I turn easily parallel in most situations now. Under a bluebird sky day!

Donuts and turkey sandwiches are my favorites since the moving. All the easy food! But! Finally on Friday, I had a space in the kitchen for baking my first cake in the new house. It was nice to be back! New city, new food pick up. I think it’s cool because there are so much more things than in the old pick up. Around the new, we finally let go out our cat without leash and she works well. She has understood her new environment in the backyard. The doors, windows where she can go out and come back. This cat impressive, she climbs at the tree, I never saw it climb to a tree. It’s crazy!

Do you tell a new cozy and soft pajamas?! You’re welcome in my closet. My dad installed me my new floating shelves, I’m in the process to styling them. It’s not easy! I never had shelves! But I love to work on this project. I hanged my beach photo frame that I have already in the old house above my desk. I love it! Working and thinking to re-arranging the wall frames is something of special in the decorations, the walls are differently, I love to work on that!

I had my first psychiatrist visit yesterday since one month. It was my first going out after the all last week that I spent sick in my bed also. The visit was pretty good but I was always sick, I tried to take a walk after the visit in an of my favorite part of Strasbourg and before the storm with heavy winds, before taking the way of the home, exhausted. Really tired and I felt so bad at the end of the day. Nevertheless. I loved walking and enjoyed this time!



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