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Lately was hard, really hard. Since that I’m back home from my ski trip, it’s some tough times with my anxiety and obsessional thoughts. I have a lot of flashbacks in my head with young and old bad memories. My head constantly thinks at these bad memories, I can’t think at something else. I can’t fall asleep. I have to think at my Disneyland Paris trip for that finally exhausted I fall asleep. I was so bad that I had a few suicidal thoughts. I was at my psychiatrist visit on monday and then I decided to take during a little time the Sertraline like back in September-October. I feel so bad. We are currently in the moving! This past weekend half of my furniture is going into my new bedroom. At this moment, I’m not so much destabilized about the moving.

During disassemble the furniture in my room, my favorite cutie wanted to help.

Thursday morning when I woke up it was all white. All the snow everywhere!

On saturday, it was The Day of La Chandler in France. We did a Nutella crepes party for dinner. It’s a thing that we did every year since that I’m a kid and I love it.

In France, they have rebroadcast the Super Bowl. It was about 0h00am when it started. I never watched a match of football version USA, I thought it was the occasion. I watched about the 40 first minutes and around 01h00am I went sleep. I did not watch longer because I think this football is too violent! All my life for me the football this plays with the feet and not the hands. Yes! In France, football is the soccer in USA. But I’m happy to have watched the beginning of my first SuperBowl, I learned few things because I know nothing about. I loved listening to the American anthem because I just LOVE IT so much.

Yesterday, I just learned that Modern Family is renewed for his eleven and final season. I’m happy! I love this tv show! In first, the season 10 was supposed to be the last but I’m happy that there is one more again. Like for Law and Order: SVU, from France I catch up the new episodes of Modern Family online in streaming the following day where there are aired in the USA. He makes me laugh this tv show even on the bad days. I love so much this tv show! Right! That wraps this life lately!




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