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This is a little look on my life lately! I’m happy because I’m in my favorite part of the year. But! I had so much anxiety these last days. I challenging my mind to try to stay strong face them! It’s so tough! Well! I have done many things and I went outside of my comfort zone on sometimes. I try to do all my favorites Christmas things for fight my anxiety. I took the advantage after my psychiatrist visit on Monday that I’m in the city to do a walk around the big christmas tree, look on the christmas decorations in the streets and take a walk in the christmas market.

I completed a second time of the season my christmas puzzle. Right! I’m a big hot cocoa drinker. And! christmas movies binge watching! On wednesday, I have done my first christmas photo session with my little cutie. I just love this time! On the night, I went to see the Nutcracker and the four realms at the cinema. On friday morning, I was excited because my mom let me choose for the first time in my life our real tree. Also! I grabbed red food color and I baked my first christmas cupcakes of the season.

On saturday, I was really angry. No special reason, except that I’m fed up with my anxiety. I wanted just to take a big breath and wrap me under my cozy blanket. And to do all christmas things for calm me. This year, this is the first year where I can decorate our real big tree in the living room by myself. I was so happy and excited about!

On 1st December, opening the first window from the advent calendar.

Well! This is my cat when she does not have cuddle when she wants. She climbs on the furnitures!

My tendinitis pain are calmed a little these last days but when I use my hands like just for decorate the Christmas tree, my pain is back. But it was calmer this past week. Well! That wraps! Thanks for reading!




  1. It’s an anxious time of year for many. Even me, if I allow my mind to do future thinking, and slip out of the present moment. xx

    Your photographs are simply stunning! You have a gift. Even in your moments of anxiety, you bestow upon your readers a sense of peace. xxx

  2. Wonderful to hear that you’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit. Your market adventure photos look great and like a very festive place. Also, your cupcakes look deliciously festive. Enjoy more Christmas cheer then.

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