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It was some really emotional these past days. In the first time, I deal a lot since that I started to stop Sertraline. I feel again more depressed, with more obsessional thoughts, and some bad emotions are back. Right! I hope that the withdrawal of this stop could be finish fastly. I deal always when I stop a medication! Really complicated!

I was really sad also! Because of all what happened in California. It was heartbroken! It was so sad! I want to cry for California! The shooting, all these fires! I saw some photos! It’s really so sad and heartbreaking! I live at 5000 miles but it’s so emotional! Today again, it’s really emotional! California is a state that I would like to visit when I could to go in USA. I have my heart and I just want to sending a lot of love at all affected by these fires situations!

Since many months, I have often my arms/hands who hurt me. It’s not always but often and again more when I do something of physical. Last week, I was at my doctor and this afternoon, I did a scan of my right hand/arm. And I have a tendinitis and inflamed tendons. Right! I must take another appointment at my doctor.

Right! Between these emotional and complicate days because of the stop of Sertraline. It started! Really! It’s time for Christmas spirit! I watch Christmas movies, wear Christmas pajamas, drink hot cocoa, listen to Christmas carols, coloring Christmas books, all these things are so good! The other day, I visited a shop with a very lot of Christmas decorations. It was so beautiful! I did not put again my Christmas decorations but I started the DIY that I wanted to do and buy few stuffs in stores. Monday, I had a green Christmas cup from Starbucks with my hot chocolate. I was so happy about because the last time it was a red! Well! I can’t stop to snuggle with my new Saranoni blanket. So good!

Some days, the weather is hot and sunny. It’s exceptional in my town for November. This cutie knows how to enjoy each sunny time!

I love the trees like this one. I can’t stop watching them.

Ok! It was some really emotional and complicate times lately. I hope that I could feel better after to stop Sertraline and I send my love to California! Thanks for reading!




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