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It’s official! I have now developed a pumpkins obsession. I watch Bull season 2 every Fridays night. Last weekend, I started a 1000 pieces puzzle on Saturday night and I finished it on Sunday night. I have a puzzle obsession! Although, I have an obsession with all things to build. Last Sunday, we celebrate my sister’s birthday at the restaurant (her birthday was tuesday) and we came home to celebrate with his favorite cake. Like gift. I created a photo book with some photos of our cat. Because she loves it so much. And she loves cats. I used the beautiful photos that I took during some photo sessions with my cat this summer. I personalized it with a paw print of our cat. Boo! Put the paw of a cat in the paint is complicated! Ouch! But I managed.

About one afternoon on two, I went with my parents to the new house to help them. I painted a lot. I love painting but I’m so tired. Since that I started my anorexia disorder two years ago, I do not have much physical force. With all things that I painted, now I have a hands pain.

Did you see my “a day in the life” post – Fall edition? I shared an of my complete day here.

That’s happening in the stores. Ho ho ho! I’m in love.

Wednesday afternoon, I carved my first pumpkin in my life. Yes! I never carved pumpkins! It’s friendly. Note to me. Turn on Halloween music in the background next times. I loved! But! Seriously, it’s not easy.

Fall rides in the forest. Oh dear! I love that so much. Riding, walking in leaves, the ambiance, the tree’s colors. The weather is colder now in my town. All that is so awesome!

Halloween movies, here almost all time.

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