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I spent these two past weeks to recap my summer vacation 2018. Just posts about vacation nothing else, it was a good time and now it’s over and on the same time it’s now almost 2 weeks that I’m back home from Ajaccio. A lot of summer life has happened during these two weeks so after these vacation posts, I want to do a life lately post-vacation. 

Spa, editing vacation posts, outside life, hot weather, laundry, a little of tv shows, naps, photo sessions with my cat… it’s summer life lately, post-vacation.

Next day back home, I was really tired and I loved refound my bed so I was a lot lay down, take naps in.  

After a lot of beach during 10 days, I did my first steps in our outdoor spa.

I helped my mom to do all ton of laundry, yes, all ton after a 13 days trip at the beach.

I spent a lovely time to work on the write of my summer vacation 2018 posts.

In summer, I love spent time outside in the days but mostly in the evening in our backyard… just relax and feel the summer nights life, these time I took time to learn more about USA history.

And play with stickers. I have a stickers obsession.

Working and watching season 1 of Bull on Friday nights.

I did many lovely photo sessions with my cat these last days and I have some planned again. Generally, my cat is a little hard to take in photos but surprise! these last photo sessions, she was the most lovely cat, I was patient with her and she was so good, I’m managed to take a lot of photos. She apparently loved this time with me,… she listened to me, she wanted to play, she wanted to cuddle. She was the best.

Work in my bed and seriously necessary for me.

Since my goal do not spend a ton of time in front of screens during the day that I applied during vacation (I talked about in my vacation posts), I decided to try to continue again a little the idea because it’s just so good, less of times in front of screens and I have in the idea when back to school start to planning my hours in front of screens. Because before vacation it was just too much, 15 hours by day.

Tv is screen also so I did not watch a lot of time tv shows but I loved to watch again the season one of Malcolm in the middle (it was not a lot of time because of 20 minutes by episode and only 16 episodes during the season one. I watched Malcolm in the Middle in Dvd, BULL on Friday nights and NCIS New Orleans on Saturday nights because these two tv shows are actually aired in France.

Outside summer life: Eat breakfast outside with sun.

Work outside with sun and on Monday I did a blood test because my arms and legs hurt me often.

The weather these last days is hot about 30°C, I spent many afternoons in the outdoor spa and to enjoying the sun. This was just a favorite time.

Summer Time.

Wednesday, I had my first psychiatrist visit in three weeks and after that me and my psychiatrist were back of vacation. It was a rather good visit for a first visit after three weeks of vacation… my psychiatrist was good and asked me a lot. It was good.

Another thing about my psychiatrist visit… the weather was gorgeous hot and for the first time since I know and see my psychiatrist and it’s 9 years ago, I have worn a short. It was always something of anxious to go see my psychiatrist in short, I never did it same if it’s 30°C in summer, I don’t know why but this idea had anxious me always and I never had the courage of doing it…. On Wednesday and for the first time, I DID IT, I was a little anxious but at the final I was comfortable and not bad during the visit.

I closed my post-psychiatrist visit with a walk and a strawberry soft ice cream.

And this life lately is wrapped with some summer touches.



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