Life Lately

It was a really hard week full of anxiety and obsessional thoughts! But! It was a little better than the week before. I continue my new treatment for this time, but I can’t tell really if it is a help. Is it him who makes me with less of obsessional thoughts this past week than the week before? I don’t know! But! At this time I continue again my new treatment. I have my mind often lost these times! I don’t know how to explain that but I don’t know really what I want currently in life. On some things, I know what I want! Like, I know that I want to do ski! But! On some others things, I don’t know! I ask me questions about the purpose of life! I haven’t suicidal ideas! But I ask me a lot! I have my mind lost!

I enjoyed some things! But I have lost my mind for enjoy every little thing. Guys! Building LEGO is a good idea. I love building LEGO and spent a lot of time these last days and it occupied my mind of my negative ideas. THE BEST time!

I just really need to occupied my mind at every second… write on pumpkins is in the season.

On Sunday, late in the afternoon, I did a bike ride in the forest around my house with my dad, it was beautiful.

I work a lot on my BIG Fall goal! About Fall. I did cinnamon pancakes one morning.

Pumpkin Pie another day! Ok! It was the first time ever in my life that I baked and eaten pumpkin pie. I loved! But! That fill my stomach fastly. I love pumpkin pie.

Spooky! Halloween movies are a big part of my days. I love to see pumpkins everywhere!

And this cutie loves too pumpkins. She scratches herself with the stems. So cute!

Friday, I had a better psychiatrist visit than there is two weeks ago and I discovered the city differently because of another visit hour. Late in the morning rather than in the afternoon, more time for discovering new things and to be back home less tired. I want to change the times of my visits now.

That wraps my life lately. Thanks for reading!



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