Life Lately


Today I’m tired because yesterday night I did a big anxiety attack.

It’s also time for a life lately. Today, a random of pictures of my two last weeks chopped off by my little spa getaway last week.

When sun was here (not these last days) I spent the most time outside.

A lot physical tired… a lot lay down.

I loved bake and EAT these chocolate swirl cupcakes.

So beautiful and good.

The other sunday when it was sunny, I did flight my drone, I trained myself to pilot my drone, I loved this time.

I enjoy sun when he is there and… my cat too. He loves the sun.

Sunday when it was rainy out, I did what I had on my spring cleaning list. Here, vacuum until under the bed and clean windows.

A hidden cat when it’s rainy out.

I received my PhotoBook about my first solo trip, generally I put my photos just once time by year in a big photo book for the year but I wanted something of special for my FIRST SOLO TRIP so exceptionally I chosen to do a exceptional book in more that usually and for something of special I chosen to take the square book. I LOVE IT SO MUCH this book.

Monday, I had my first psychiatrist visit since three weeks, I had to go in car instead of train because train strike, the visit was rather good, my psychiatrist was more to search my feelings.

I stopped by Starbucks for a hot chocolate (fact: I tested to add vanilla flavor but I hated, sigh).

On the road back home, we stopped on a rest area and there was a mini-lake with a lot of fishes, I loved that.

I just tried and I LOVE IT SO MUCH, Nutella grilled sandwich.

A full life lately with some good and bad days, these days are cold and I would like hot days with these cold days I want skiing again.

That’s wrap this life lately.


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