Life Lately

It’s thursday.


It’s time for my weekly post of the day “life lately”. This week, it was not easy, for talking seriously I’m fall down in depression not in deeper depression but in depression like same, I wanted by moments to do self harm, phew,… I’m manage do not do it but it’s hard.

What’s has been up this week.


One thing, the weather was not hot same cold this week, it was a little hard to live that with the beautiful weather of 30°C/86°F of the week before, some days there was a little of sun like even and when sun was here and the weather not too cold, I tried in maximum to go out with the sun.

My psychiatrist is actually in vacation so this week I did not had a psychiatrist visit, I do not have normally of psychiatrist visits before 14 May.

Since I bought this tube for to do some bubbles I spent a lot of time doing bubbles out or same inside if outside it was too cold.

I don’t know. To do bubbles is therapeutic for me, I found that funny and I feel good when I do.

 This week, I ate two KFC’s Chocolate Kream Ball. I love them.

My cat too loves enjoying the sun.

On sunday, I found these flowers in my garden.

Sunday with my family I went see at the belvedere of the airport, I love go see the airplanes take off and landing same when I must not take airplane, that’s help me to fight certain of my anxieties and that’s give me want again more plans some trips. On this time to the airport, I loved ask to my mom some things about my airplane when I landed of my solo trip, things like how much lights were on my airplane? where the wheels of the airplane have touched the ground on the runway?…

A time for watching my favorite photograph book of the USA.

I love blanket, my cat loves blanket, we love blanket and we love cuddles.

Tuesday here in France it was labor day, in the afternoon I spent a good time with my family to search some lily of the valley in the forest. It was a good time!

Back home at 04h50 pm, I ate two nutella crepes.

The other day my mom received a parcel with some candles and beauty products inside and it was packed with some packing peanuts, I was no longer able to stop to throw them in all home. I felt good at this moment and out of depression.

That’s wrap my life lately.


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