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Hi! It’s a little time that I did not do life lately.

Around here it was the time to enjoy last summer things, start a new school year, thinking to the best things for fall. All these things! I tried to hard work for enjoying each thing.

Last time of hot days, outdoor hot tub, enjoying the sun,… eating a ton of ice cream, it was a part of my days these last two weeks.

The other day when I pick up eggs to do scrambled eggs for my lunch… I found this cutie, I never see that before, it was so sweet.

Friday nights are made with BULL, I finished the season 1 and last Friday I just started season 2 with the two first episodes. I love this new tv show. Saturday nights are with NCIS New Orleans season 4, last Saturday I saw the episodes 19, 20, 21 and the number 21 really makes me bad, it gives me so anxious and angry.

During enjoy these last hot days, when eating dinner outside on the patio, I love seeing that, sunset. I love pink skys during evenings.

Friday, I baked Nutella Rolls. Yum. So good!

Psych is a part of my days.

Rubik’s cube, it is also. Since that I did my first time a complete rubik’s cube last week, I can’t stop to do it.

This past weekend the weather is going really cold before that she increase again a little these past days. It was cold so I wanted just snuggles with the most sweet blanket in the world.

And in the afternoon, I watched Charlie and the chocolate factory, editing photos. And just after I wanted to drink a hot chocolate.

Follow cold, Monday the weather has started to increase a bit for wear again shorts, tees and flip flops. Nutella waffles is particularly my favorite food of these last days.

And this cat…

My cat to his habits, when it’s hot she spends all his time outside and when it’s cold she stays inside with his favorites place for sleep at each time of the day. During the cold weekend, it was sweet to saw her find his cold habits inside after 3 months of summer.

Fall is in preparation and Monday morning I had my pumpkins order that I waited the more of the season.

I had a psychiatrist visit on Monday afternoon, oh god, I did not manage talk to her, she was sweet with me but I was not really in the mind to talk.

That’s wrap this life lately.



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