Life Lately

Today, it’s a life lately.

From Eatser to a random of other things with a assortment of pictures… what’s been up post.

For Easter, I went with my parents, sister and grand mother at the restaurant, I can say that it was a little good time.

I ate all my pasta.

And this chocolate fondant.

It’s a restaurant that we have never been before and the food was so much good.

I took some good time for editing videos with my recaps of the French Alps trip.

Just work and sun.

Tuesday was a special day because I had my first psychiatrist visit since two and half weeks but special mostly because there was a train strike, so I had to take a train 3h before that this of usually. I spend my morning outside to walk, look in some stores,…

The weather is awesome for walk but… this day I chosen to switch from a hot chocolate to a ice mango tea from Starbucks, this was so good.

A very not good psychiatrist appointment this day… BUT a beautiful time outside with the sun.

Oh sweetie, I love you!

My cat has a obsession with this box that I give him, it’s little weird because he didn’t want going in a box generally, I put inside her little blanket, few toys and a drew are name, a heart and a little cat head… I know I do not know drawing.

On wednesday morning I baked my Lemon Bread… my mom loves this Lemon Bread so much, she is permanently to asks me for that I make it.

This is a mood with the nice weather outside since few days.


On a side my week was not good with my bad psychiatrist visit on tuesday afternoon but ok, if not she was rather good with this nice spring weather also. That’s wrap this life lately.



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