Life Lately

Hi! It’s thursday. It’s time for a life lately with a assortment of photos of my week.

Not a lot of things in this week.

Welcome in my life lately!

I can’t stop wear my new t-shirt from Boden.

On friday, I baked Nutella Cookies.

Watching Law and Order 24/7.

Sunday, I went skied, the weather was so good, I tried new slopes.

It was a little weird because there was a lot of peoples to the lifts but almost nobody on the slopes.


Post-Ski with a hot chocolate and a sugar donut.

On sunday night a big bubbles bath for relax time.

I love playing with this cat and here it was before lunch.

My first ice cream of 2018, I choose mint ice cream because it’s the month of celebrate with green.

On another day, it’s mint milkshake. Recipe HERE.

I tried for THE FIRST time in my life S’mores Dip and… it’s so good… OMG… I love that so much! #anorexiarecovery

A piece of a Oreo cheesecake bought in a store last night.


These foods that I ate wrap this life lately.

See you tomorrow.




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