Life Lately

It’s life lately. Here in this post some little things and randoms of what’s been up in my week.


My mom arm procedure was last thursday, during the waiting time with my dad we went in a store and I was in books corner for look the photography books.

This wall is my favorite in this world.

I just playing dobble in evenings as I like, I love games where it is necessary to found things and with quickness.

A hot chocolate among many others for finish this winter season.

I working so much on my bed, this week I editing a video for my timelapse puzzle’s video. These times it’s rarely that I editing videos but I love that so much also as much as photograph or filming.

Cat – Please, can you take and sleep on your desk chair???

Me – Ok, if you want a little but after you come back in your own bed.

I love this sweet cat so much.

Who loves building puzzle here?

A breakfast made of pancakes and maple syrup.

Lunch: I love these taï chicken balls and french fries.

Generally, I am ironing on saturdays and I love ironing (and vacuumed also) it makes my anger out of me.

After ironing, drink a chocolate milkshake for proteins;).

Sunday, I went skied, it was cold with -15°C and windy but again a once time I loved skiing I was really tired after return home but it was good time and I had a bless time.

Before skiing on sunday morning, my mom asked for I bake a Lemon Bread (recipe HERE) and post-ski I ate two pieces and drink a hot chocolate.

Eaten a bit of chocolate lava, last summer I loved to eat chocolate lava I stopped in winter because I did not wanted to eat anymore but I think that I want start to eat chocolate lava again.

I choose cozy solutions.

All week, all time, each times that I had some times, sometimes until 1h00am, I watched Law and Order. It is a very big obsession currently. My favorites characters on the show are Olivia Benson and Amanda Rollins, followed by Carisi Jr.

Working under my blanket.

That’s wrap what’s been up in my week, I can qualify this week in two words with GOOD and LAW AND ORDER.

See you tomorrow.




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